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What’s The difference between a Small Business and a Startup

Steve Blank answers the question, “What’s the difference between a startup and a small business!” Or check a Google search I like this explanation on Bingd best “both are exactly the same, except how the owner thinks about their business. A small business owner is focused on doing it tough for a number of years … Continue reading

Fall 2012

Fall for BS… as in My  initials! I think it’s time to return to design! I promised a couple people to design a line… it’s supervising the  production that is holding me back! I understand  firsthand the hurdles of the  small entrepreneur… I awoke this morning with a Bug…  The weather is telling me that … Continue reading

Fabrics From My Eyes

I loved attending classes for their social aspect, now there are social networks, which led me to wonder can I use social media to show how  to  design and make your own clothing… or have them made for you (exactly as you wanted)! What if we can teach individuals to do so… in the  comfort of … Continue reading

Friends Shop With Benefits at

HERE’S A SPRING CHALLENGE;- CHECK YOUR CLOSETS… HOW MUCH OF WHAT  YOU BUY IS REALLY WORTH IT! What  truly  fits, Looks great on you and ALWAYS gets a compliment?  Great style starts with great pieces!  That’s where trained strylist and dressmakers and designers come in. NOT everyone  can FIT!  Then there is COLOR! In fact … Continue reading


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