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Happy 50th

100% Caribbean- Celebrating Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago One of the workshops we do Is based on  self reliance and creating  merchandise around a theme! So it’s time to  celebrate 50 years of Independence and both the Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago Nationals are heavily  represented in our Brooklyn community!   So we added a 100%  all proceeds … Continue reading

Embracing The BS Towards Change

Someone asked me … What if I don’t Like the program… My Response The one thing I can  guarantee is  that at some point you will not  like what I have to say! Such is the nature of change, so understand that we expect  participants to have an  open mind and experiment and EXECUTE! Fashioning … Continue reading

Who Do we Trust For Our Fashion Tech and Industry News!

That their PR release screamed “the world’s first shoppable Video” is understandable Social PR is about  SCREAMING! Well at least  so it  seems. That almost every  Tech  and fashion Blog  posted it without questioning  it is cause for concerns  in fact Racked was the only site that  went without the hype! Are they? www.Klickable.Tv have … Continue reading

Friends Shop With Benefits at

HERE’S A SPRING CHALLENGE;- CHECK YOUR CLOSETS… HOW MUCH OF WHAT  YOU BUY IS REALLY WORTH IT! What  truly  fits, Looks great on you and ALWAYS gets a compliment?  Great style starts with great pieces!  That’s where trained strylist and dressmakers and designers come in. NOT everyone  can FIT!  Then there is COLOR! In fact … Continue reading

What would you STILL do if you were certain you would first fail!

Tubetique is an idea born out of trial … When I first  told a fellow designer that  I wanted to use video technology to sell  fashion  he sneered and declared that “it would never  happen”!  That was 2006 last  year we started exploring video  for other creative outlets! I believ that we can  bring the … Continue reading

This is Not My Mamma’s Business- The Challenge of Taking The Boutique Sector Digital

I miss the Boutique experience!While I am A trained designer my  roots lie in the  bespoke custom design sector… It’s my  passion. It’s the passion of many  who travel across state-lines, borders and oceans from to get that  dress Fashion Tourism! This year along with some partners we aim to bring that sector online! I … Continue reading


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