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Changing The Ratio- Infrastucture and Culture Not Facade

“My Very Presence in the room changes the ration in the NYtech scene… It’s a bold statement  on the front of my personal site…  but it is true! I  embody  “Changing the ratio” There I said it, Changing the ration is much deeper than most of the attempts i presently see and as  someone working … Continue reading

Learn to cover shoes (and Bags) in African Fabric, Floral or lace fabric

 One of my colleagues  will be teaching a shoe , bag and  accessory covering  class! I’m so hyped I had to share the news!  I know a lot of people with skills and I plan to hit up each one to teach  a class! Yes I’ll be teaching some myself and we’ll be doing the … Continue reading

Events, Conferences,Workshops, Seminars, Classes, Demos, RoundTables, Hackathons and Pitch Competitions all part of the Business Environment

We realize we need to add Learning as well as Research and  Development to the space we are Planning. So we’re asking  what you’s like to learn  or teach! The Tuberiam (our name for our spaces) will not be like  my Mamma’s Workshop… except they actually  are! My  mom worked in what would be described as a  coworking space, … Continue reading

Umoja – Unity is a doing word – Next Year I’m Unifying My Life

Principles never change – Even as I revisited this writing on the Kwanzaa  principle of unity I am struck by its relevance. As I now prep for Tibiae Tech I realize that  I live these principles. It is not easy.. I’m thinking of unity in  personal strategy  looking at  personal, professional, creative and emotional  or … Continue reading


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