Sandy Relief & Fundraiser – Call for Brooklyn Artist Designer Crafters… in need of space to sell to participate in our Black Friday or Cyber Monday community effort

It will get worse … before it gets better… i’m stepping up using what i do best get ting people earning from their skills. Still those who need help will need to step forward. Which is why i’m personalty stepping up… The Crain’s headline proclaimed Unemployment claims spiked 33% after Sandy “That is a troubling sign,” said … Continue reading

Sandy Relief

Update;- The  space has been indirectly affected by Hurricane Sandy. Under renovations they fell into the Con Ed backlog. I will update you asap. Please  sign up for newsletter (to right) for updates  What  do I do to help In the wake of Sandy, everyone has asked that  question. For However I was struck by the need … Continue reading

Fashion and Tech in the local sector since 2003

Lately I’ve been organizing BKStyleCon a ‘conceptual ” Conference under the BKstyle Project (Sept 2014) and is designed to make fashiontech opportunities accessible to Local designers and as such bring some much needed #Stratupdiversity. The first step is to educate and inform, However to fully   leverage Fashiontech  one has to  understand the art and craft of fashion, Howo … Continue reading

@Bethenny Get Your Panties Out Your Ass

Forget hybrid thongs, and butt glue  try these # Backless the pattented, panties by is one comfortable solution (yes I’ve tried them) They are designed by former Brooklyn Fashion Week participant Designer Beverly Perryman of Fashion Mirage. As I worked on tomorrows launch of the virtual Incubator program I had the TV   on, and suddenly heard … Continue reading

About FashionCampNYC 2009 @NYTech first major #Fashiontech Event

“More and more NY Design and  tech worlds are colliding and I am amazed about how much they have in common and how little they know about each other !  I am not speaking of  shopping or  Social  Shopping;-  We are looking at all aspect Creative product Life cycle management; research, development, concept, design, production, sales, presentation, marketing, delivery, consumer … Continue reading


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