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The Quest to Define Self Must Proceed Kujichagulia- Self Determination!

As I reflect this year, I realize that ” The quest to Define Self must proceed, self determination but Kujichagulia, Self definition is not necessarily  self determination”.  Self Determination requires thinking through the consequences and making a choice what is in ones best interest! It means getting  facts and weighing consequences! It means READING; It … Continue reading

Occupy Fashion and helping others explore career options

above is a slide show of Pieces By  Natacha Jospitre…  for a line she conceived and desigend Gizelle NY. It takes a lot  to  start a fashion line… but we can help designers occupy their vision… we’ve don  it repeatedly.  Out  of the door Tacha  knew her ideas were solid as boutique owners offered to … Continue reading

Sandy Relief & Fundraiser – Call for Brooklyn Artist Designer Crafters… in need of space to sell to participate in our Black Friday or Cyber Monday community effort

It will get worse … before it gets better… i’m stepping up using what i do best get ting people earning from their skills. Still those who need help will need to step forward. Which is why i’m personalty stepping up… The Crain’s headline proclaimed Unemployment claims spiked 33% after Sandy “That is a troubling sign,” said … Continue reading

Sandy Relief

Update;- The  space has been indirectly affected by Hurricane Sandy. Under renovations they fell into the Con Ed backlog. I will update you asap. Please  sign up for newsletter (to right) for updates  What  do I do to help In the wake of Sandy, everyone has asked that  question. For However I was struck by the need … Continue reading


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