Digital Fashion – Creative entrepreneurship and Digital Strategy

There is more to #fashiontech and digitalfashion than social media and e-commerce. Designers may be able to able to execute their concepts, organize production, conduct fittings, manage production, Show and sell flawlessly offline. Very few can translate those very skill within the digital space. At the core the  questions that exist is not solely whether … Continue reading

On the 4th day of #techmas @badassebs sent to me 4 ‘Curation” Gems

I blog as well curate – Essential I curate as I research but lately curation is proving a very powerful tool.. For those unfamiliar with “curation”.  I’ll refer to the Wikipedia description “Digital curation is the selection, preservation, maintenance, collection and archiving of digital assets. Digital curation establishes, maintains and adds value to repositories of digital data for present … Continue reading

Why BS

Good vs Bad… A creative industrialist , has several  constituents, including  colleagues,  customers, B2B clients, B2C clients and consumers of those B2C Clients. There is no rule that demands they be “nice”, that is simply common courtesy  extended to others. An entitlement to their contacts, knowledge and time is a disrespect to their  person. I  explore … Continue reading

#sewopen Collaborative, Sandals, Shoes, loafers, Rainboots – sign up to Beta program

The concept  for #sewopen is to create a collaborative means of supplying the Apparel  sector. It  explore local and distributed manufacturing. It revisits techniques  for meeting design  my  mom and other local designers employed and uses technology to add cohesion.  Http;//so.Bonniesandy.com Post by Brooklyn Fashion Week. Post by Brooklyn Fashion Week. Post by Brooklyn Fashion … Continue reading


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