Changing The Ratio- Infrastucture and Culture Not Facade

“My Very Presence in the room changes the ration in the NYtech scene… It’s a bold statement  on the front of my personal site…  but it is true! I  embody  “Changing the ratio” There I said it, Changing the ration is much deeper than most of the attempts i presently see and as  someone working … Continue reading

Who’s doing Creative Independent Clothing Right!

What’s preventing consumers from finding  product despite the  increase in the number of Indie  Designers.  Recently a store owner  reached out asking me to recommend  a few designers  to supply  a new boutique in the moderate priced range.I’m always asked why can’t  we find locally made garments from  both consumers and boutique owners.  Yes size style … Continue reading

Flatbush Noire

 Flatbush Noire &  Flatbush Noir! ;-  One is a Weekly  Artisan Night Market The other  is an “omniChannel”, an Online and offline space,  with a physical  a creative coworking space that is open from 9pm to 8am In The Flatbush Area  of Brooklyn May 1st 2013 means the  launch of our Brooklyn Fashion/Creative/Maker/Tech  program.  I’ve often … Continue reading


Showing & Sharing to Earn

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