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Good vs Bad… A creative industrialist , has several  constituents, including  colleagues,  customers, B2B clients, B2C clients and consumers of those B2C Clients. There is no rule that demands they be “nice”, that is simply common courtesy  extended to others. An entitlement to their contacts, knowledge and time is a disrespect to their  person. I  explore … Continue reading

#sewopen Collaborative, Sandals, Shoes, loafers, Rainboots – sign up to Beta program

The concept  for #sewopen is to create a collaborative means of supplying the Apparel  sector. It  explore local and distributed manufacturing. It revisits techniques  for meeting design  my  mom and other local designers employed and uses technology to add cohesion.  Http;// Post by Brooklyn Fashion Week. Post by Brooklyn Fashion Week. Post by Brooklyn Fashion … Continue reading


The challenge of an open business format is figuring out a revenue model to make it not just sustainable but profitable. Essentially I am taking my creative assets and offering it for others to use as a form of income. In so doing It is my hope that moms especially can be home when their … Continue reading

50 Shades of Black Techies- Part 1

Many  are afraid to say they are Black for fear of negative backlash in their businesses.  To reach the Black  community, to reach minority communities we need Blacks and Minorities to stand out front.. at  least to communicate intrinsic details, Such is life!  But often the stereotypes come from  blacks themselves,  we all have patterns we expect, execute, interpret or  … Continue reading


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