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DRumPer in Urban Plum:-

paypal me profileDRumPer in Urban Plum:- Can be worn as several versions of  a Dress, Romper, Pants :-  Adjustable pulls  at the top  adapts to fit a variety of sizes   These unique designs allow for minimal fabric waste and are fitted  with adjustable straps to shorten or lengthen.  It is also reversible as well,  that is the back or front is inter-changeable. Unisex and can be accessorized with suspenders or/and belted.

  • One Side fits all (0-24). 
  • Constructed in a Rayon or Cotton  Spandex blend
  • Made locally in Brooklyn. 
  • Price $95.00 
  • Shipping included in Continental US
  • Ships via USPS Ground 14-21 days after order. 

This Paypal Me offer is available only in urban plum  

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