Rethinking Integrating & Connecting Offline and Online Points of selling

The times they are a-changin’.

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Who you have access to, where you are selling , when and how you are able to execute the selling process affects what you sell! I’ve found that it’s hardest concept for “designers’ and artist to wrap their mind around!  This morning I began thinking of how different selling fashion is for me compared to my mom and at the same time how similar.

Large organizations have tools and even  departments to help them chart their strategy. They study  Why and How people buy and now the shift to continuos engagement is key. Within the local creative sector, an understanding of that strategy shift is something every business person needs to understand when planning a digital strategy and it is one of the topics I plan to cover in Do it wWith Tech 

The 3 questions I usually get from people who “make to sell” (whether that is toys, home/interior, body bath, artisan foods) also crossed my mind

  1. What do you think about doing (insert locale here) Fashion Weeks (trade or consumer pop up event)?
  2. Do you know where I can find Buyers?
  3. Does using, (insert platform here) work?

to which I usually cynically reply,

“it’s kind of late to ask that question.. Your sales strategy, your point of selling affects the design of your product service or merchandise. It affects your pricing lead time needed and so affects your busienss plan and model. Your Point of sale is a key part of your strategy. ‘

The accompanying image is a first draft for an article/session on rethinking the concept of selling points. There are online and offline points, You can select a single channel, multiple or choose an omnichannel approach. now you can even connect offline to online to increase your chances of conversion. The image  screen shot of my notes in Google keep as I laid it down I realized that my mom used many of the same point of selling but I have the advantage of digital technology.

socialcommer retail Open labUnderstanding who, where, what, when and why, affect how you sell your “what’;  and how successfully you do so… it allows you control, and helps you decide whether you adopt one point or channel of selling , multiple point or channel approach as well as whether or not they are connected or independently managed by others!  Moreso It is critical to understand this BEFORE you create and package your product   Connecting and integrating your channels also expands your reach as well as changes your logistics and even  busienss models.

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