Prepping designers for Holiday 2013 by and Leveraging Social Commerce

The times they are a-changin’.

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a house of ruby your choiceSelling techniques offline and online is one focus Independent designers crafters and artist It’s time to start maketing for Holiday 2013. We first learned that designers were not selling on web marketplaces at our 2010 Fashion Night out event. When one designer asked another, ” how much do you sell on ETSY”.

Now we can address the logistic of offering these shoes and evenextending the covering service.

Designers need to revise their steps to selling,

  • Is the product well designed
  • Is the price competitive
  • Can the designer fill order
  • Are shipping and fulfillmet options and procedues in place
  • Is post sale customer support in place

Once these are checked we then

  • identify markets & marketplaces
  • create marketing and sales collateral
  • Customize sales pitch
  • Post offers

Once this is  done many sit back and wait but this is when the  work really begins The creative artist now need to get  the info infront of the  would be consumer, but also  ensure they open the offer.

  • GET THE MESSAGE OUT-Share, like follow email
  • GET THE MESSAGE OUT-Share, like follow email
  • GET THE MESSAGE OUT-Share, like follow email

We need to address designers and their products as well as consumers and/or supporters and having these consumers understand how to share an dteh importance of their support to the local economy.

credit Fabric swatches in Image

1-3 (top down) Vlisco,

Michael Miller Zesty Zinnia White



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