Projects 2014

The ability to provide for oneself is a right not a priveledge! How one goes about that is not as simple as it may seem. I embrace slow design, lean stratup culturally , sensitive  stategies. I explolre technology , creativity  and natural resources to create economic opportunities. I test  these concepts. adapting them across different local situation . When  challenges surface I address them.  Project sites and this page are regularly updated  contact me for latest info


Projects Harshtags and interest to Sept 2014

  • #bkstylecode
  • #bkstylecon
  • #canvazz –
  • #sewopen
  • #local112
  • #ReGenesis Rethink everythink presentationa and salon conversation that involve experts in specific niche , busienss, marketing and tech
  • #modekompas- rethinking Local search, image search, local curation and fashion tourism. originally conceptualized for the HEarst Fashion Hack
  • #personnas-  a persoanl gophr, social commerce tool, mondful of privacy  and social engagement – conceptualized ecommerce hack NYC
  • #NYukco  NY Urban  [koʊd] Code
  • #Challengethedivide
  • #RFWAwards QR codes as digital trophies …

Pre-startups [PRE 2014]



@Bkfashionweek how technology redefines collaborative show and  sale.

@DeMarketplace to support omni channel marketing and sale a central collaborative database is essential. Demarketplace focuses on the challenges of creating such at the local cottage level

@28squared – a step by step  system that allows independent  entrepreneurs to ‘handle” their work flow and strategize for future development in their company

@Badassebs is a digital dashboards  optimized for use by local creative entrepreneurs in Business Art Design Apparel stylings serves and Entertainment –

@BKStylecode addresses the isues of standards and access to relevant datasuch as sizing, color trending that affect the sale of local  products.

@Tibiatech – a change management startup






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