The ability to provide for oneself is a right not a privilege! As technology cuts cost and streamlines operations, many seem to  be lost  without a means of supporting themselves and their families.

I am about plugging the holes in the pursuit of success.
This site chronicles a first hand experience of  “how to” …  it began as a space to refer others to thoughts, material and links… it has expanded into an exploration of recreating the needs of a cottage industry space in a the clouds.

at the end it exists

  • To support a global movement by sharing & connecting  minute nuance in cultural adaptation  with those seeking to impact local communities
  • To explore plan for and manage the change  in local “work” and industry that will follow the Creative tech revolution
  • To test the “how to” of adapting new and emerging technology.
  • As a digital space to test theories through practice in development of a cohesive strategy
  • Connecting  “mainstream” Innovative tech with  the  “Vernacular” tech that is evolving  “in the streets & Villages’
  • To foster and accept responsibility for  cultural  legacy & continuity
  • To ensure the modern creative cottage sector is relevant.
  • To debunk  myths propagated by viral culture.
  • An example of evolving web technology and/or practices

At the end of the tech  revolution all sectors should be impacted.  technology  should change how people in  communities and in villages around the world support themselves and their families.

Big picture thinking at  conferences, at barcamps and meetups sound great ,- till you try to share and   implement it at the local level, in real world situations and realize that it just doesn’t work here. BonnieSandy.com records  allows others access to those experiences. This is a safe space for me to discuss explore and play  with culturally sensitive  use, and user ability.

this page is inspired by

Slash Purpose

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