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The times they are a-changin’.

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reflecting  media

Does our media reflect our society… or does society mimic the media? I once had a young lady  approach a photographer at  his studio, asking for a shoot with the subsequent “photo-shopping”  so she’d look  “Beautiful”. When he asked why she’d want  to misrepresent herself and why she’d want  someone attracted to who she was not  she blatantly  said… I  don’t care, i’d be beautiful. At that point  he simply directed her to me and said She needs your help. 

It’s not what you  say  but what  you do that  has an impact .
A vast number of women are influenced by  media images. they take great  stake and investments in those “Social Media shots” yes many pay for professional editing.  
Oprah’s recent magazine cover  drew attention for the 3 and 1/2 lb wig she donned. What it said about “hair” and it’s importance to culture. Our Hair has gone “mainstream” or jas it? is a valid conversation. Oprah in a “fro…The wig itself is fum,

  am always told that “you Look  like “Oprah” and as a lark  i superimposed my head, To  prove I  did not.. then  just felt the body  did not match  so I  added on  some of what was taken off.I understand the debate about hair, but for me  it’s the  digital butchering of the female physique, especially the Black  female body that caught my attention.and rings my alarm bells. how can we speak on dangerous plastic surgery when we so prolifically  cut paste and edit. Quick fixes are the norm.

As a custom designer I’m on the front-line and see the effects of this…. you see so many “lollipop heads walking  around women the number of women asking  to “slim” their hips has risen. I  joke that it’s the vanilla and  Asian  sistas who now have the ‘booty”.
We in our community are  afraid to have an  opinion, especially one that differs from standard or accepted belief. Why would someone who preaches self acceptance with the  power she has allow the digital butchering (and a really poor job at that)’ of her own body? Does it matter and should she care? So OK, I think too much  but …  that’s the power of media., to make you reflect.
Image Note:- Does your media reflect your society… or does society mimic the media?   I superimposed my image on the cover look;-  it was much easier than  buying a 3 and 1/2 Lb  wig LOl. 



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