Remember Gold Bond Stamps

The times they are a-changin’.

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Technology can be so distracting and  yet so rewarding.  Doing some research I came across the Carlson company and their link to Gold Bond stamps which led to  this post and images (screenshot of images). So first the Carlson company, it was started in 1938 with a $55.oo loan as the  Gold Bond Company.

 Carlson brands and services, including franchised operations, employ more than 170,000 people in more than 150 countries and territories. The company’s 2008 sales, including those from franchised operations, totaled $38 billion. It is one of the largest family-held corporations in the United States. via wikepedia

Now Gold bond Stamps I remember, they were a customer loyalty program, that

allowed grocery stores, drug stores, gas stations and other independent merchants to use his collectible “Gold Bond Stamps” to drive c and to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

My mom would fill the books and exchange for items in the gift catalog! By the way apparently the stamps may be still honored, or valued as collectors items! I could not however find a copy of the gift book… so now the hunt is on!

This led  me to wonder about the  customer incentive model, As a local designer I’ve always rewarded customers for sharing  and telling friends, which is why I added a VIP program (still in development  but sign up) and so yes I’m cooking something up.





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