Samra- an 11 year old presents an ecofashion concept collection at Brooklyn Museum fo WIADCA YouthFest

The times they are a-changin’.

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Update we added Images after  the show , These were shot  while they were prepping  for the event, 


I’m under embargo till after her show but  my 11 year old protege, Kaylah Reid Anglin, is all set to  present  Samra at the Brooklyn  Museum’s Parking lot, Today  Friday  30th august 2013 during the Youthfest, Back to school concert put on by Wiadca. her participation was confirmed only recently but she was ready.

The Free West Indian American Day Carnival Association (WIADCA) Youthfest

takes  today

August 30th place 11-3pm

at the Brooklyn Museum Parking lot

Paper or plastic, never looked so  cool as when 11 year old Decided it’s fashion…

I can say this it started as a school essay  and has grown into  a full presentation.

“Yes” she is available to  speak and present to other youth and adults… she is also looking to grow and partner …

Please submit any  inquiries and i will pass it along to the   “proper authorities”

I love working with youth …. oh and yes Sponsors are welcome… now if the adults can get it this clear.




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