Sandy Relief & Fundraiser – Call for Brooklyn Artist Designer Crafters… in need of space to sell to participate in our Black Friday or Cyber Monday community effort

The times they are a-changin’.

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It will get worse … before it gets better… i’m stepping up using what i do best get ting people earning from their skills. Still those who need help will need to step forward. Which is why i’m personalty stepping up…

The Crain’s headline proclaimed Unemployment claims spiked 33% after Sandy

“That is a troubling sign,” said Mr. Cuomo of the rising unemployment benefit applications. “We don’t know [why] yet, but it is not a good sign.”

how do I start a business after Hurricane Sandy

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy with Jobs affected and opportunities for employment dwindling, It’s time to thing about turning your talent into an income stream. Teh best way to contribute is to share my xperience

I’m seeing  first hand the many That have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.  It’s easy to identify those needing help in flooded areas but many New Yorkers, those who were challenged   before Hurricane  Sandy devastated the east coast are not  getting assistance! One way to support and build is to shop Artist and local producers & Makers this holiday season.  Rather than spending the traditional  After  thanksgiving  Buying imported goods some  New Yorkers are calling  for others to Buy  local and to do so they are trying to  pull together a Black Friday Edition of the BkFashion Holiday Pops,  Designers artist  crafters and makers need to apply for space at the event and Fill out the application  for BkStyle Pops!

We recognize that the cash flow that designers would have used to pay for space have been affected by Hurricane Sandy- jobs, sales Etc. Some have lost suppliers and equipment. Subsequent to hurricane Sandy we looked at the situation and decided to add a Thanksgiving weekend event as a fundraiser! We are calling in The Brooklyn Fashion week BkStyle! crew, makers and their supporters to volunteer and create a catalyst event!


  • Space for event in Brooklyn, our tentative location is still awaiting  Con Edison  to put on the power)
  • To donate art and craft items or to sell art and craft products  
  • We’re looking for sponsors and volunteers. Workspace/studio spaces for artist designers crafters!
  • To donate art and craft supplies, machinery and fabrics check
  • Help with social media or offline marketing


Please visit planned to organize BKFashion Holiday Pops and BKFashion Weekend Holiday Pops as a physical solution to facilitate and to serve designers in need of a space for sale during Dec 1- January 1st. During their call, they learned that many artist designers and crafters were in dire need and waiting till They are “ready” with a proposed creative design space may put artist permanently out of business! Hurricane Sandy further complicated things as moneys that would have been used to secure product and pay for space, marketing and sale during the holiday season would not be available due to the severe flooding that affected their incomes! Many are volunteering and not getting compensated. They spoke of a gifted artist who at nights sleeps on the roof top of a building, sometimes not eating for days. He spent the days after Hurricane Sandy walking to Manhattan climbing 10- 18 flights of steps to ensure those in need of supplies, the elderly and women got supplies!

We’re also seeking to offer artist, designer crafters our workshops proven to show results to help them increase sales! Funds raised will cover the cost of associated l of proposed Incubator space   and supplement the cost to artist!

Overstock/samples and one of a  kind Crafters items for Raffle, Auction, and sale towards cost  associated with  Holiday Popup and Incubator!

Note Currently seeking a larger space, to accommodate as many artist crafters and designers over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend please email us as soon as possible!

Last week I posted about a disturbing trend I was observing today Crain’s sites a 33% sike in unemployment claims… that is still not representative of what i’m seeing …
Stepping up After #Sandy- How Do We Help The Other New Yorker’s- Those Whose Livelihoods have halte
Stepping up After #Sandy- How Do We Help The Other New Yorker’s- Those Whose Livelihoods have halted It’s easy to identify

Local creatives, makers artist craters and designers wishing To Sell- this weekend or through the holiday  Fill out this form

We will only accept items made or manufactured by designers, artist crafters!

To shop, Local artist craters and designers this Holiday Online or Offline sign up  share

To share and earn while supporting Local artist craters and designers this Holiday sign up 

Local makers artist craters and designers this needing assistance and workshops, to start or increase sales Http://

Text or voicemail (347) 766-9411





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