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The times they are a-changin’.

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What  do I do to help In the wake of Sandy, everyone has asked that  question. For However I was struck by the need to find a way to  earn an income.  I also am seriously  bothered by  the track  record of organizations who have collected cash for past  emergencies. It never seems to impact the people in a long term way!

We set up to  share info in an easy to read way. I still wanted a more personal contribution.

But I wanted to do  more… I  also noticed that  designers artist and crafters were being affected. Few could afford to pay  for space for teh holidays… So I’m holding  special version of my  workshops… trading my  services to  help Makers affected by Sandy.  you can see images of those I’ve worked with and some of my design in the video below.

 I n the last  few days I kept getting ca for help.. specifically with creative business.   This I  can do. ..

Need to find an Income source?

Is there something you can make  or do , even a service you can provide… at  a later date? More importantly are you willing to execute to make calls, to step up and speak out? Getting the product ready is the easy part. there are even ways to do so without initial output. What stops many is “Execution”.

I’ll have the full offering up by Black Friday!
You can create a design and offer it to customers in 2-3 days deliver for the Xmas holidays or New years Holiday… We even can show you how to pre-sell next years services!

Timing is everything… it’s late but not impossible, Few understand that  a significant  portion of the Makers’ annual income is earned during the holiday  shopping, once that is done little transpired till early  March!

For more info follow the links below!

I  will be holding quick launch versions, of my programs during the last week of November to through December! These are only for those willing to put an aggressive effort into earning for the holiday season! Like many I want to help with Sandy Relief efforts. I have decided to focus on Those not current getting help. The ranks of the Unemployed have grown drastically in the wake of Sandy and even those who mange off seasonal gigs are being affected.

Local creatives, makers artist craters and designers wishing To Sell- this weekend or through the holiday  Fill out this form

We will only accept items made or manufactured by designers, artist crafters!

To shop, Local artist craters and designers this Holiday Online or Offline sign up  share

To share and earn while supporting Local artist craters and designers this Holiday sign up 

Local makers artist craters and designers this needing assistance and workshops, to start or increase sales Http://

via Text or voicemail (347) 766-9411 

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