@Scribblecolor pen and stylus is a #musthave for #fashiontech digital entrepreneur, consumers and color management!

The times they are a-changin’.

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The  Scribble Color Picker Pen  uses a color sensor and microprocessor to detect colors and mix the required ink for drawing.  There is also a ScribbleStylus  which connects with Scribble+ mobileapp bringing all the captured colors via bluetooth to the users cell phone or tablet. Both are small enough to fit in a pocket or purse and  will make copying  a color so much  easier.


It is essential to put  new technology into the correct perspective  the color  images are not  truly  accurate.. This pens allows one to directly  “grab the color by  pointing the sensor at the actual flower. Often customers will bring in a n object to “match’ , or try to describe the color. Need to add extend or repair an item of clothing, furniture or even paint.  This can come in very handy! All in all customization is growing across all design disciplines and for a long time a tool  that accurately “grabbed”  color was  desperately needed.


Some colors simply are not picked up accurately by digital cameras.  An added bonus – despite the use of common values, all digital screens are not calibrated correctly… now a simply  reference swatch can be sent to verify colors simply by writing or drawing  with the pen.


This is definitely going to be an important arsenal for any creative entrepreneur… yet there seems to be a couple missing links, on the consumer end. Im not sure that all but the most avid consumer would invest and since most screen are calibrated differently  the “customer” may “see a different color’ and while the verification by post option mention above may work .. it defeats the value of “instant” digital access.  The press info suggest  use for mobile and tablet.  While many  cloud based apps exists  most creatives I know use their desktop or laptop to create and so need access to color on this medium.


The app may make some difference but how how this translate across all digital devices and makers may vary.


“For the color blind, kids, interior decorators, homeowners, teachers, artists, photographers, designers and students, the Scribble color picker pen will make copying an exact color, any color from any object, an absolute breeze.,”  commented a spokesperson from the company.“With Scribble you can scan, match or compare colors, draw on paper or your mobile device.We know people are going to love it.”


Developed by Scribble,this innovative pen can hold over 100,000 unique colors in its internal memory and can reproduce over 16 million unique colors.  @Scribblecolor pen and stylus is definitely a #musthave for  #fashiontech  digital entrepreneur and avid consumer!





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