How do I use Facebooks Sell Something feature

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 7 years—a long time on the internet. Dated info and offers may no longer apply. Some technical info might be outdated. Please feel free to post a comment with any updated info .

Some Facebook groups now allows the member to  “Sell Something”. I realized many  do not know they exist… I was recently asked to explain  “how to” post items to these

  • Head to your facebook groups and check which allows this feature.
  • Check the group focus and rules respect them, if in doubt ask.
  • Navigate to the group page and post… it is usually the default posting method… see image aboveHOW TO FILL OUT 
  • Write name of your product here – Your company,  product name, product type
  • Ads a Price $- (price of the product)
  • Provide pick up or delivery options (100 characters) Please note shipping charges in description. With our collective members have a weekly Brooklyn space to accommodate pickups (saturday 12-5 At Stratosphere 227 Utica Avenue Bklyn NY) …  if you do not  consider a local cafe. Shipping is an option but weigh the value of insuring your items… as there is no  “oversight  body”
  • Description

Some choose to keep it vague, fearing the competition.  Since this is new and the group dynamic may differ  you would need to test to see what works…  remember to remove items once sold.  

Suggested info for the Description Box

  • What is it – be descriptive..
  • What makes it special
  • color/print
  • size choices
  • WHERE IS IT MADE eg  Made in Brooklyn NY
  • Fabric/material
  • Asking Price/Regular retail price (write the price you are asking above )
  • BUY NOW at Direct linktopurchase
    • your shopping cart
    • Paypal “buy now” button on post
    • is a fee shopping cart up to 10 items
  • A link More item listing on your website/blog
  • A link to Contact info eg

You will also need images of the item. I would suggest also testing to see what works for each group. Do not sell on price but  stress the value of your product.
Once engaged  you need to make sure both  legal and basic info is included . eg

  • Shipping cost and time
  • ITEM REFUND POLICY  LINK (your web site) basics – This can be set up in a post on your site, in a catalog or in an email, invoice.

We recommend using  your website… with a detailed product description and a “buy now”  button (at the simplest)  or a shopping cart… Tumblr, wordpress, are great for listing more details on products as they are mobile accessible… however a Google doc  will also work.

In the next few weeks We’ll be testing various ways to post and  reaction and results within NYukCo

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How do I use Facebooks Sell Something feature
Article Name
How do I use Facebooks Sell Something feature
How to post your product, service or merchandise via the sell something button in facebook groups



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