#sewopen Collaborative, Sandals, Shoes, loafers, Rainboots – sign up to Beta program

The times they are a-changin’.

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The concept  for #sewopen is to create a collaborative means of supplying the Apparel  sector. It  explore local and distributed manufacturing. It revisits techniques  for meeting design  my  mom and other local designers employed and uses technology to add cohesion.  Http;//so.Bonniesandy.com

Many have great ideas but cannot produce it. Some are great artist and their customer has out grown the “tee- Shirt” Others want to move to shoes or other accessories.

Often there is little different in the style and cut of the garment. Each year I’ve helped one young indie designer create her samples. then see her frieze when it comes to the challenges of production. Pattern development and grading can cost an indie designer $450 and up per style!

With #sewopen we address one of the most critical pain points for local designers PRODUCTION. It is part of the larger Canvazz project but before we can print and create we need PATTERNS.
Together we can create them, yes even Shoes, sandals,Loafers…

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