She Speaks Tech- The diary of a Black {woman} In Technology

The times they are a-changin’.

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what  a black techie looks like

I don’t turn water into wine… (not in the miraculous Biblical sense “Christians” crave. If you want me to change water into wine… you’ll need to bring mature fruit add a fermenting agent , flavor it with great extracts, wait for the process to work and then take the responsibility of letting the poisonous gasses out in a systematic manner. Trust me it works.

One day I’ll write a tell all! Till then I’m simply a being trying to  make a difference in my  journey through this space and time.

There is no way around change… you have to do things you’ve never done before. take chances with new technology and have solid measurable goals and objectives.
My name is Bonnie Sandy and I am what a black female in tech looks like.

There are many who would try to change that but the fact that what I do works, That I understand this field and that of creative Industrialism and that i have tested many of my theories is solid. something that PR and greater agendas cannot change. You cannot manufacture” what i bring to the table… Or what I lack… It is the same for many who can make a serious difference in the fate of our people.

Instead what we have is a lack of support systems and “old thinking that stifles innovation and growth!

I  am what “changing the ratio” or “challenging the divide’ looks like. I am an excellent  speaker but chances are you will not find me on the podium. I like working testing  strategizing,  affecting  CHANGE!

A while back I made an effort to become more “social” and share my knowledge and expertise as well as learn from other so I  joined several  groups on Facebook and Google Plus. BTW as an Independent that formula needs to be streamlined.  It occurred to me that i  should”introduce myself” Sure i can easily  cut and paste the short into  at the top of my  “about” page…

I’m a  B.A.D.A.S.S.E Creative Ein-dustries advocate with an amazing track record is affecting the businesses of creatives..I design test and deploy tech enabled solutions for the art, marketing & business of makers! I also conduct  seminars, workshops and projects around creativity, entrepreneurial strategy and technology.  A fashion designer by training , I AM a black female cofounder and who now specializes in Product Development & Creative Industries Entrepreneurship. 

I’m not interested merely is building individual design entrepreneurs- I’m interested in building out larger, global ecosystem of Creative “EIN”dustrialist who build businesses that scale, trickle and affect the lives of others in other words I am committed to leveraging new media and emerging technologies to help mom & pops take their local businesses global & bring global businesses local and I”m Interested in all that connect, showcases, sells, inspires & celebrates the  C’s to Change :- creativity, culture, community, collaboration, corporations + commerce

But what  do others, in my community say about me,

How do they introduce me.. I’d like you to meet,

Bonnie… she speaks tech

this is Ms Sandy she speaks tech

oh she’s Yohane’s mom … she speaks tech

She’s a  Mother , Woman, Black, Caribbean, Trinidadian, Caribbean, fashion designer … and She Speaks Tech”…

I’m from Trinidad where technology was introduced in high schools over  30  years ago, where the systems analyst and programmers in my fathers office were Blacks, some were women, 30 years ago. So why in The USA, In NY is my being a black female strange. Why do I still count the number of Black, females & Black females, in the room  at tech events.

My  father was a computer  programmer, My  brother and several other relatives not only  code but have tech  startups… i was certified in Cobol in 1986 (yes you read right LOL). I’ve been following NYtech  scene since 2006/7. I was an instrumental part of the NY Fashion tech  unconference in we started in 2009 (before I went rogue) … Save for barcamps I seldom get the time to  attend tech events in NY.

The image used in the  pic was taken (by Eliceo rodriquez) as I rested against the wall of a building in my community. I’ purposely choose to be visible sitting in local cafes and lounges with my laptop so that  I am accessible… eventually  someone will walk up to me or more often than not introduce me as this is

These days In the Flatbush community I reside in  there are few cafe’s or lounges suitable for meetings. my  clear  can hold up to  eight persons but as Burger King chose to cover their outlets it’s the Mc Donalds’. I  answer questions as simple as using saving (or finding) images Gmail or another Google feature , setting up Google voice as a phone service and of course help me, “I need to make money..”.

I’m also equally  comfortable in the NY tech scene… at hacks at Barcamps at coworking spaces.. I just  do not have the time to attend them often. my Linkedin profile show endorsements for over 45 skills many were  added by  my network, what they recognized my expertise as, is in itself revealing.

So I’m owning IT!

My name is Bonnie “she who speaks tech” Sandy …

You can see a more detailed info on who  I am and my experience and expertise at,  I suggest  visiting the “ABOUT“, “PRE-STARTUP” Tabs and their drop down menus  My current focus is Designing A Creative Industrial Curriculum (and relative platforms) for a Converging Marketplace.



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