The times they are a-changin’.

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signature BsEach garment I design can be worn  multiple ways!  It gives the wearer the option to become part of the garment  to mold it, shape it, own it! Since I designed this first piece in the mid 1990’s the pieces themselves have evolved because of that consumer input!  Now I’m rethinking all those signatures. This particular project will explore the carnival mas band busness model, a distinctive social commerce model, within the evolving fashiontech space!

Some  garments can fit across several skus, sizes, it was a major selling point! These pieces were so versatile they moved from day to evening, work to play…

I am reviving that line as an upscale apparel blank series for artist  designers and crafters.  The challenge was/is keeping what works as an apparel item, without  leaving so much of myself that it usurps the creative voice. While keeping enough to make it distinct!

Each designer has a signature. Something  that is deeper than “Brand” that allows a garment that is his to be identified without  checking the tag.  it is not the obvious “logo”. Rather it may be one of any design  elements or a combination of many!  Over the year  I developed a signature approach to fashion. It was not  just the cut, nor the drape or even the textile surface design.

I have not  written  much about  my fashion design. In the early days of this project  I  opted to focus on  curating the work of others. Downplaying my line, brand style, so as to focus on the tech.  I’m about to undertake the role of designer to tackle a challenge preventing a better exploration wthin this niche that of  supplying the demand! I’m also asking other designer to contribute silhouettes!



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