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Skill and Product Development for the Modern Cottage industry

The times they are a-changin’.

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Skill development and education for those entering the Cottage Industry 3.0, education can  run from   “You Tube University” or “Local Classes”  to DIY experimentation.  As a supplement to guided learning that may be fine, however as a stand alone option much is lost!

Moving from a DIY project to a product service or merchandise involves strategy. While YouTube classes give great ‘how to’s”  they  often miss key pointers that  those actually  in the practice for a long period of time,  take for granted.  As such  ALWAYS test by to see if the final  product can stand up to  use  eg washing/cleaning or wear and tear.

on the surface

Apart from the  technique creating a successful item means deciding “what” would make a great  “Sell” ! Offline we always had Creativity  projects that  allowed the exploration  and often prompted  new ideas.  I  also recommend a basic set of  Merchandising “blanks or Patterens”  as a starting point. These are thing everyone always “picks up” or uses It’s a great way to test product viability.

I’m currently looking  at the issue of skill development  for the cottage sector. They will be listed under the category Cuttage 3.0 ( derived from Cttage, Cuttage is a 1080’s advocacy  group I worked on in 1980’s). To facilitate products for artist  without sewing or soft product development, we’re developing  basic “Merchandise Blank”  #sewopen package for that our site members will  be able to use … Membership here 



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