Social Commerce | 32-26-42 | Embracing Social Style- Part 2

The times they are a-changin’.

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As I explore the goal is not to mimic “what is”, but to chart a course for what can be! i am particularly interested in the democratization of technology!

At the  end of this post there is a version of this image that allows you to click through! Social Innovation (innovation involving a social group) is a slow process, it   means  the  “group” has to have the vision and direction.  Earlier that year  my session with the designer in St. Lucia paid off, she understood. the concept, and promised to get right back to me

As we said in the last we had already tested live-streaming and so the technology was not the problem.  The challenge designers were not delivering. By April  I committed to putting myself through the paces and actually creating a line from start to finish using technology to produce and using  social media to report. I did the entire 30 day… I simply stopped any major social media reporting.  It’s tough researching, designing, documenting producing  and doing the social media bit… until you decide to take control of your social media process!

This was a very creative endeavor, which I plan to repeat shortly but  as a production focus. Specifically using tech to developing a cost effective strategy for bringing a product to market!

The posterous diary is all that remained when I let the url  go … I did design  the 36 pieces… however i also  could not bring myself to sharing the intimacy of my  design process, not out of fear, I openly share my patterns and designs, somehow the process was not for me a social one! the lessons learned though  have become part of the production development portfolio fortech or tech enabled startups @ Tibiae tech

Some of the best independent designers are the artisan custom designers from around the world! There strength, unique one of a kind product is also a weakness. Editors love designers with volume, they seldom have volume. they have their own schedules and few have production facilities for  even small lots! lack of staff means BPT… a time issue. live shows require regimental timing. we opted for a fashion film festival…

This was a new medium, few would understand, fewer would attempt it!  The third element was DanceHackit… that experience brought an entire new realm of understanding as to the possibility of the tools in the social media prism… but first

Shoppable media… well really it’s media that is interactive – The “shoppable” comes when the interactivity features are used to “facilitate sales !

 This Ain’t Your Mama’s Dress Shop A How to Fashion Tech Guide for Designers!” Things do not always look the same or work the same- it depends on your vantage point! The fact is despite the hype and dollars… I’m not sure the at  consumer needs are being met … in that they are getting great fitting, well made clothing  from their online purchases especially in the indie design market! At the end of the day we sell clothing that is meant to find it’s way from  racks and ware houses into  consumers closets and onto their backs… so why has the “discount” model prevailed!

By the end of 20011, it was clear, I needed to tackle the infrastructure to support any moves in technology! That means setting up direct buy links and processes that would make these designs easily available!



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