Social Commerce- Can You Find Me Something in- Why Rebuilding a Sector Means Addressing Need

The times they are a-changin’.

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Sometimes innovation means revisiting what works.

Can You Find Me Something in my Size… or as my Aunt said

“child why  don’t you get back to sewing… I need clothes!”.

As a`designer, I’ve hear  a lot of that lately, but I  see a lot of images of clothing in social streams so why aren’t people satisfied…

“Will it fit me, will it look  good on me? Is it worth the prices? “

So many are  depending on their social media to sell or buy. So many are not  selling or buying.Why?

There is a lack of consumer confidence and frankly not even a ridiculously low $20 price tag makes up for an ill fitting  garment!

In response to comments from women who shop and a personal desire for a great  shopping experience, I spent the weekend committing to workshops I needed to conduct  to facilitate the type of shopping experience I wanted to have online or offline. I am even redesigning  my site along those lines.

Now it’s time to train resource personnel including designers on the subtle nuances of great fashion and shopping… including FIT!

Yet few understand these very  concepts! This weekend I sat and reconfigured workshops on what designers and artist needed to move product. what consumers needed to understand to build confidence.

Fit is one  part of the  equation, will it look good on me…

It’s complicated and if you doubt me stop right now and  go through your closet , how many item can you wear with absolute confidence! Tally it up … even with … especially with cheap clothing the figure adds up!

Specs- information that relates to numbers, is one thing, even then  how do you look at a garment and “know if it will fit”.    It does not matter at what price point you serve the customer, eventually “finding the right garment” comes down to fit online or offline.  FIT however is three dimensional!  A Silhouette analysis can help especially if used in conjunction with properly taken measurements!  Fit  is 3D , and unfortunately many  only recognize  their front  view. Totally  ignoring their side or back.

How the item fits on the potential buyer is something that  a trained style or wardrobe professional can anticipate, few have experience or training.  Soon we’ll all be able to shop using new tools, but we still need to address virtual fit… or rather address fit in a virtual environment!

It is   something you can learn, even better  learned in pairs for personal use (it’s hard altering the garment you have on)

What’s scary  few designer know or understand this element in great design. I’ve conducted and tested most of the techniques I’ll be teaching, but in December will review them once more.  On Cyber Monday 2013  I’ll offer them As part of my Sandy Relief efforts!


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