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The times they are a-changin’.

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What is the value of the time you spend online! Is it increasing your sales! Building the “Perception of value” others have of your product  services merchandise? Do you sell as much as you could  and can changing your practices increase or augment sales! I’m not looking  for rhetoric, I want real answers! So I had to develop product services and merchandise (which  I’ll announce soon). I’m looking for  facts not “perception of value”. Yes in the Social media, Social Networking, Social  commerce conversation!

It’s had to gauge the battle when you are not on the field! So I will admit that I was disturbed to realize how badly many young designers and artisans are doing!  Few will net above the poverty level. Many believe that $16,000 is the most a young designer can make in their first year. In fact many have seen their  main jobs affected by Hurricane Sandy and so  expect shortfalls in sales! I’m asking questions and speaking out!

Blame it on a cold New York weather and visiting my Aunts but I find myself looking at thinks with new eyes!

The sale is the exit strategy for the creative, regardless of the medium. If artist and creatives are not selling they need to ask why and redesign. Somehow innovation and creativity is not the practice of the day! Recently I started asking questions first to myself of others and then  to others!

  • Why can’t I find info on the stuff people post  in Facebook?
  • Why  are they even on Facebook shouldn’t they be “making”
  • Why do we assume that someone who post random items is an expert at making that item… or even made them.
  • Why am I on Facebook when I get  better results on linked and Google Plus?
  • Do people really buy thing simply because someone who has  absolutely no clue about the topic tweets it?

I also had a couple of conversations last week which got me rethinking and redesigning  my site, experimenting as such for a more effective conduit for a creative in a social commerce setting, online and offline. Yes you heard me right Social commerce offline! When I send someone to my site they should  find what they  need.  If I post an image of my work on twitter or Facebook the  info should be there with a link if someone  re-post and removes my link they should be able to trace the info back to the  correct place on the site!

Everyone wants to be a star… the center of attention, yet delivering quality and  context is not a priority! It won’t automatically happen either! I had to force myself to write descriptions add seo tags and categories… on top of checking spelling… for a creative that is torture!

I will willingly let someone else do this for me, if they understood the nuances of fashion…so why not teach them and reward them for sales they earn! Then my network has an insatiable need for great  design… why not help young creatives produce and in turn help  employ another group of women. Look, I know  everyone wants to be a star… they want their own site. However  a site that helps you sell takes effort and resources! So till we launch  on Tibiae Tech concept  I’m using my sites (which in fact needs an update) and As I explore concepts in Social Commerce!





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