Social Commerce Embracing Social Style;- part 1

The times they are a-changin’.

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digital platforms for presenting styles

In the late 1990′s I hosted a fashion segment on a jazz program on the local cable channel. 2004 I took designers to Federal Plaza Court of international Trade. 2005 a group show of local events and one large events. The local events attracted over 2000 attendees and everyone sold! 2006 I conceptualized and organized a trade show that put designers in front of Macy’s. 2010 Brooklyn Fashion Week proved that the traditional fashion show was extremely expensive for local designers. While private test showed we could stream to buyers way before anyone else pursued! As we explore we’ll look at the challenges and opportunities for artisans in the social, local, global and mobile setting!

Note the “attempt”

The challenge was not the technology… the challenge was and will be getting independent makers truly independent! Many have fogotten the end goal “selling their product to  customers” and are caught in the adrenaline they encounter on “the  route to achieving that goal”… seeking press and putting on fashion shows!

In part 2 I’ll round of a report on that year and where I’m at now!



The Social Style Experiment Re-genesis January to July 2011

In 2011 We embrace a new way of practicing the Business of Fashion… we kick of in  February  with a focus on the Black Fashion Designers during  NY Black History Month Celebration! During NY Fashion and Market weeks we add Brooklyn designers! Please note however we embrace ALL Independent designers  to our 28 squared program!

Regenesis- Re-think every thing!

in 2010 we tested the technology for Live streaming  Clothing (It’s not just  turning on the camera) and connected with designers within the African diaspora (better known as Black Fashion Designers or  designers of Color) we Got that  down to a simple formula ( which we are currently revising for publication) with  just  a few queries! Now it was time for logistics and content and context!

We have content- Lots of it  collectively we can take you  from  Brooklyn to New Jersey and Queens, The  west coast, “Down South” or “Up North” to Canada! We can  get you across the waters To France, Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, or South Africa! If You wanted to escape the  cold.. there is always  the Caribbean – Trinidad, Barbados, St Lucia and Jamaica! To top it  off we can deliver in any  flavor from urban to  contemporary to  exotic or traditional and in every size petite, to full  figure  in any  quantity  one of a kind ( one off to Mass market) Putting that  content in to  context  for delivery  for different markets and the logistics of how to use the  technology  to do so at the  most  efficient  cost and time is what social style is about! ( We ‘llgive new meaning to  Eco- or green)

there were a lot of questions…

Do we use Skype or Gmail or a private network! Which  will work best if not in all  in most of the locales given  various states of infrastructure & development! If  a designer in Nigeria gets an order in Trinidad or vice versa which is the most economic way  of delivery! How do  we collectively  take care of our communities while engaging in Global  Trade!

What of the Gate keepers do we need them! If the consumer is my  neighbor or (my colleagues) who I can  reach  with a “Blast”- from our network… do I need to  be on the cover of VOGUE… do  I need $56,000 to be part of a fashion week! What about awards… if we have our own who needs BET!

Radical… no it’s being done in many  sectors from journalism to Mainstream fashion! What may be radical is he “power to the People’  Attitude we embrace! Even that  the P2P movement is not  new… it is however even new to  our culture! We  welcome ALL Independent designers – submit to Join me!

The  context – designing  to meet  particular needs or “ingestion” by  Specific consumers! Really  a matter of brand specific STYLE that each designer will ultimately  define! our job within this is constantly  reminding them of ALL the  constituents!

  • General audience
  • Consumer- Customer who actually buy
  • Trade Buyer- ( re-sellers of all levels)
  • Investors
  • Local officials (think fashion as cultural tourism)
  • Press
  • Advertisers seeing to reach our audience-
  • Colleagues


Social Styles February 2011- The Logistics

When– Specific time

Flash Mobs “IT” (never executed)

The challenge of  BPT- is real- And conceptualizing an event  with Blacks around the worlds is an EXTREME challenge! I only need  one designer in each area who has an understanding of technology and some basic skill in it’s use… we can train them… we had content and  they could get the support! The challenge in this is WHEN and more importantly  how to set up marketing for an event or events that could not be “specific’

The solution adapt the concept of FLASH MOBS to FLASH “IT” – “spontaneous gatherings online! Notifying people ( they could sign sign up early)

Social Styles February 2011- The Blash Fashion Designers edition

Sign Up to be notified in a flash on  online “Fashion or Style events”


Attendees (who have registered and checked in ) will be sent the online/mobile (room) address


What A Local/Global/International experiment and conversations on how technology and Social Media is changing the culture of  independent design

Changing the very interaction with customer, Platforms for showcasing and sale; as well as how it is affecting the Locale indie culture of designers, photographers, people in local social design circle; find inspiration to produce…design; work and sell. How is social Media widening Global Commerce; how it is changing the face (and specs) of the consumers; Even how it is s it changing the brand and aesthetic and style of these designer. The growing Fashion Tourism movement!


Format:- presentation

Looking at Intro by designers as to what sets the style in their local apart with supporting video and images of their local sector as well as designers collections,. One designer may show items from his studio as he/she would in a distance presentation! Discussion on their use of Social media how that is changing the way they design, produce, sell… and how they handle the challenges… what would they improve on the apps they use. What are the payoff!


Global conversation Will be finalized by Sunday night

Local conversation- Speaker are designers, photographers, people in our social design circle!

Listening in and asking question will be consumers!




28 squared project focuses on bridging the digital divide getting women and Minorities online! Using Technology to help create opportunities

Social Styles February 2011- If You understand A Flash mob … the concept is to meet online “Spontaneously” During The Month Of February 2011 Program to explore the various technology and devise use scenarios for independent designers! The Social Media Week component encourages designers to speak on their experience to a broader audience! Logistics-We bring designers from around the world online from there studios in various locations using technology video(, Coveritlive, Qik) Chat, ( My.28squared) and Screen sharing ( final to be decided this week) The focus is software designers can actually use… we have been testing these since 2005. This Time the focus is the social interaction around style and creativity most media Video; images will be prerecorded! Some live “Salon style presentation. Of Fashion And Accessories from designers. Attendees can interact as in a Tweet up or via chat depending on platform chosen! Live stream embed from Qik or Ustream or Livestream


Outside of the larger “fashion Weeks’ Designers can and we have used social media to communicate design do business and sell!




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