Social Commerce- Mature Creative Industrialist Seeks Young Innovative Artisans Who can Leverage her USP & UA

The times they are a-changin’.

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Mature Creative Industrialist seeks young innovative Artisans who can leverage her USP & UA – Lets make wildly successful products together!

Now that I have your attention, understand this I want to see a great store online and offline with great must have products!

Want to be the designer without the drama…  I have 50 women who need work to feed their families and I promised to help a whole lot more.

I have  people asking for “great clothing!”…
especially at this time this sector needs to be rebuilt!
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USP – Unique Selling Points

  • I help local designers technically execute their ideas
  • I  teach the business side of creative industry in a manner that shows unique results in a short time
  • I make this process an experience
  • I have a wealth of other talented people ready to step up.
  • I regularly work with apprentices many with no design experience.

UA- Unfair Advantage

  • I use technology to make this very inexpensive
  • I cam fit any body  like a…

Brooklyn, NY Venue/ if you are truly  adventurous we can do this virtually!

My problems is now your opportunity…  I need to get the  local fashion sector moving.  Feel free to use the Livechat  button  or Contact us form to discuss package I offer! See full list at or Join our newsletter (signup at right)  for dates of workshops and special offers.

I’m looking for the most talented group of apprentices across fashion, home interior, body and other product design sectors willing to get to market as soon as possible- images of line by a former apprentice.



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