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The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 10 years—a long time on the internet. Dated info and offers may no longer apply. Some technical info might be outdated. Please feel free to post a comment with any updated info .

One of the thinks I do is develop procedures for” what  can be” using new or emerging media. ” Shoppable Media” really is clickable media that directs to the sell through or e-commerce enabled page! Don’t see how?  follow the directions in the image.

follow instructions to activate image.

In designing new procedures, we usually test “ideas”  of how to use the technology. One step is deciding what exactly the limits are. I had forgotten about Flickr notes till their developer evangelists reminded me of it at a PhotohackdayNY, and mentioned that it could be exported.  It works but I had a couple question

  • Can I update info after embedding.- the embed has links to SMWNY 2012- if updated it will point elsewhere.
  • Can this be seen on all browsers including Ipads, tablets and mobiles
  • What happens if I “tear” the image or send it via social media which sites strip the codes which  will not.

Now to decide where to point and to build those landing pages! Updates will be posted after the line!


Update 1 – After publishing I noticed the clickable frame would only appear when the cursor was over the image. A quick solution do a screenshot instructions. However we need a long-term solution, which is where technologists and hacking comes in. So Ii’ll speak with the lead engineer  of Tibiae Tech to discuss a suitable solution.

Update 2 This took a while  and needs to be streamlined and simplified. An independent artisan needs to get back to work. Hiring someone at fair wage still adds to the overhead and with one of a kind items adding $15-$20 to the sale price of each item  won’t work.

Update 3– this has a lot of potential for independent artisans and  makers so I decided to add a DIY Shoppable media  for Social commerce workshop as a private Google hangout  for site members register for details

Update 3– Tested updating the notes from Flickr changes registered, but new notes were not added!So re-configured a fresh embed!



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