Social Commerce- What They Don’t Teach You at YouTube University

The times they are a-changin’.

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There is only so much you can learn at “The University of  Youtube”!  The young man that brought this to  light was earnest and frank in his assessment of what he needed. He had learned screen-printing using  lessons on YouTube. Now in “business” for himself he realized he needed a hands on class, mentors with  experience, and an environment that nurtured creativity!

The conversation  inspired me… We’ve been planning and working  at this for years, we’ve even had someone step up recently and had plans for screen  printing
The generation that is using social commerce to sell is using  social commerce to learn and that may sound great!  As this young man who admitted learning screen  printing on Youtube informed me… there is just so much you can learn without hands on experience!

Fashion and Creative tech platforms need great products made by well run business.  how do we train a new generation. The HUGE problem is that those that can truly teach may not be using  Youtube to do so!   So we need to get  the teachers online and the learners in practical situations. Easier said  than done.

So what had he not learned…

  • how to streamline production
  • how to “correctly do certain thing” (his words)
  • Copyright and IP practices
  • how to price his goods
  • how to pay workers

i fully understand  what he means… there is a level of skill you develop from hands on experience.  A subtle movement of the wrist small set up procedures that make  a significant difference!

Essentially the subtle nuances of running a creative business. I understood, we do not plan to have basic “how to” workshops in our new creative tech space! It is my argument you could learn the basic almost  anywhere, if you waned to. Rather we hope to create an environment that promotes the growth of creative industries, more of an apprentice or structured agile learning  environment!

At Tibiae tech, we plan to accommodate studios in the space we are planning. along with structured salons, and hands on  workshops. my focus is exploring how new tech tools can be integrated  into “old” traditional skillsets. I’d love to expand and improve on the “Youtube University model, but more importantly how do we create an environment that in turns uses technology such as video to show and sell!

so yes more workshops…. in skills that the indie sector need

  • Screen printing
  • tie dying
  • dye extraction
  • Art & design
  • Photography
  • videography
  • animation

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