Social Sourcing & Design #Sewopen will look at social supply chain for #fashion using #Fashiontech

The times they are a-changin’.

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Whether or not  we admit it,  we are impacted by  images from our social media channels. In this post below are embedded from various social media  platforms. they now all have embed feature so that credit is automatically given  to the  owners. However I still like to  inform and ask their permission  Torro Torro, the image sparked my interest as a possible ‘inspiration” for #sewopen.  So here is The “dress”  that can be worn as a skirt and  Check the post on below and  you  will understand why the first image caught my eye. I also have a formal version but never did in in chiffon. My obsession with social media as inspiration. The above image reminded me of this style from my signature line when it came across my Facebook feed. Here rendered in the dye for Deigner William fleet of TBA Clothing.

#sewopen is an exploration of a supply chain solution. it’s now time to take on the challenge for the creating hosting and distributing patterns via technology, I am taking time finalizing the format and where it will be hosted so sign up for news at #Sewopen. SewOpen looks at social Commerce in a different perspective that of social  sourcing and social production or rather how technology can redefine the local garment supply chain. Cutting cost, increasing access and building on sustainability. Logistic are playing out in my head as well as criteria for opening it up to other designers! So please be patient and sign up at

The Flowers

The color as inspiration

These are into sessions into the realm of “personal wardrobes & style”

The first natural style we introduced you to color
In the second Natural styles 2 we looked at Body shape

and in  social Sourcing  we delve into how social media affects our taste and choice.

And not to be outdone Google plus embed here a sketch inspired by social styles…. if the image is seen below this it works, if not I’ll continue on the testing



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