Somedays I just want to move to Harlem, or St. Lucia

The times they are a-changin’.

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its time to do something about poverty and homelessness in Brooklyn

Since last  October I have been seriously considering a total move  yes to St Lucia… why not my native Trinidad- that is another post! Anywhere but Brooklyn… that map says a lot, the successfull thriving NYtech  scene of, and where tech centers are located (yes there is more to be added), where it overlaps with the  Brooklyn homelessness map and predominantly Black  Communities!

Is there a correlation… between access to technology learning and opportunities and economic growth.

If like me, you do not simply walk off  the nearest transport system and into your street , straight to your stoop, and get inside the building without acknowledging other; If you actually walk around  your  borough, Talk to strangers and  take a close look at the streets.  you’ll actually know how massive that problem is! Harlem has an active black tech scene it’s also a whole lot smaller … and cohesive.

You find every country represented in Brooklyn… and separated from each other! The Black Americans, have issues with the Caribbean blacks, who do not  trust the African, nor each  other! so the Jamaican , Bajans, and Trinidadian each  keep to themselves! You do not speak on such matter  so for what  I gather to be well over 50 years these walls have been slowly building.

As for the Black /white  and other racial tensions and divides that are  ticking bombshells waiting to explode! Hurricane Sandy only exposed the tip of the  problem. Top that off with a love of “degree”s and a fear of innovation and the newer more renegade  technology opportunities are scorned  … one charter school recently took out their technology programs!

This is however a talented Borough, with great opportunities… yet there is high unemployment, homelessness and it seems at times leaders are unable or unwilling to help! There are many technical experts with skills and expertise- who simply are afraid of technology!

I’M A SIX FIGURE MAKER, and I know other capable of that. – these aren’t the hip young kind “diy”ers with technology and PR savvy… these individuals can teach that sector a thing or two about  “making”. the hipsters can teach them about  technology. Both are arrogant!
What does that mean it means that many have sold upwards of six figures in what they make… and I actually LOVE THAT PART OF WHAT I DO. I keep an ongoing design lab , a habit I’ve extended to the tech area I’m exploring. I understand the value of  testing “theories through practice”.  As well as objectively analyzing results.

Few such spaces exist hence no  innovation, scarier… there is no desire to change!

Many  simply regurgitate what they read or are told. Sometimes , well more times than not I wonder what the hell is WRONG with the way we think!

I miss truly creative work! So why the hell am I pending time learning technology how it applies and affects our businesses…

because I’m a Mother and an Aunt!

Then just when I’m ready to throw in the towel Three things happen

  • 1- I make another breakthrough
  • 2- Someone calls to thank me for the change in their life I instigated
  • 3- Someone reaches out with an explanation or a solution.

So yes those who are angry at their own fear failure and self hatred. those that are envious and choose to approach “community” from a ‘dog and bone philosophy,’ those who are weary and have become naysayers and detractors can wear on your spirit, your dreams, your hope… but as long as you hold fast to the keys of life… no gatekeeper no wall, can keep you from your goals.

As I see it it’s time to throw down the gauntlet or get the hell out of Brooklyn…

and truth be told I love Brooklyn… So I’m taking no prisoners !



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