There’s a Dire Need for Space

The times they are a-changin’.

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There is no avoiding It …. If we are to bring more Black and minorities into technology we need to take the technology to them. That means a space, and in Brooklyn  especially  for females space that is within a safe affordable distance.

Whether it is for office space,  events space, showroom space,  exploration and lab space, incubator or accelerator space; Space to teach or demonstrate,  hacking or hacker space or simply  wi-fi enable space; Our community lacks it!

In image…  Top left PhotohackdayNY  at  General assembly, Dancehackit  at  Kumble Theater for the  performing arts at Long  Island University, Fashion Hack  at  Gilt group. Ultimately  using telepresence to extend  th e space available to local businesses… but  first  we need space to  bring th e team together to explore plan, shape and execute…

As  I  see it There’s a dire need for space!

So on September 17th  for my birthday we launch the boot-strapping  leg of our Funding drive! reaching out to friend family and well wishers for support!  So  join us or if you can’t make a contribution!

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