It’s not Shopping it’s Funding- Designer Tenneh Wilkins #NYFW

The times they are a-changin’.

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These African print Slouch  bags from Designer Tenneh  Wilkins of House of Ruby are  still available but  at their regular price… See bag details below button.

This is a direct offer from the designer you will be taken directly to the  designers paypal checkout page.

Rudene Bag

This modern, funky and chic Kente Slouch bag is a must have! Its inspired by eclectic women who enjoy sassing up their wardrobe with unique pieces. It has twisted braids for handles and drapes gracefully when worn. SALE PRICE $40 ORIGINAL PRICE $55,


This beautiful Kente Slouch bag has braided handles. Its colors and print exude an aura of sophistication. It is also lined with cotton canvas. SALE PRICE $40 ORIGINAL PRICE $55

Angela Bag This brightly colored Kente print slouch bag is the perfect accessory! It is inspired by the Kaleidoscopic colors of an African sunset. It has twisted braids for handles and is lined with cotton canvas. SALE PRICE $40 ORIGINAL PRICE $55


  • Bags are linned with cotton canvas black
  • They have a zipper and Two large side pockets on the inside
  • ships in 2 weeks
  • Available while stocks last
  • Free shipping (till 12 midnight friday 13th 2013) within Continental  US. overseas  customers please use the contact form for shipping rates
  • Handmade in the US

See Tenneh’s Clutch offer here


It’s my  birthday and NY fashion week  so I’m asking my  friends to  share the love! .  Tenneh is not only talented she aims to use her skill to help those in her native Liberia. I love her new collection but to get it in time for the holiday we need to ensure she (and other indie designers) have  the funding…

Stock up on these African Print Slouch bags  for a   GREAT  reason to shop!

When you buy these  at  $40.00,  you not only save $25 ($15 Plus $10 for shipping) 


About The Designer

Tenneh Wilkins is a women’s wear fashion designer who utilizes fashion to pay homage to world culture. She spent her childhood years in her parent’s native country Monrovia, Liberia. There she watched her jet-setting mother adorn herself in exotic West African robes, Moroccan fabrics and European fashions. She emulated her mother through crayon illustrations of lavishly ornamented dresses. Her mother and socialite Aunt Rubitha inspired the name “House of Rubi”. Tenneh’s ultimate goals are to travel around the world, capture creativity and utilize her fashion brand to share her discoveries with everyone! She also will create a school of arts in her parents’ homeland, Monrovia, Liberia. Tenneh lives by her motto ”Culture, Confidence, Creativity”.

It’s not shopping  It’s Funding

Yes you read right! You’re not  shopping  you’re funding- These offers help the very talented put their  collection into production!  So what  if you save in the process!  I guarantee that  each  designer is leveraging her skill to grow their business. I curate and select  the best as well as work with them in bringing their new ideas to market!
‘ So please share!



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