Starting Up While Black -To change the ratio we have to move tech into our communities

The times they are a-changin’.

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There is  a direct  correlation between access to wifi and tech startup growth!  Top;- Map of the “Black and Caribbean, Minority  communities in Brooklyn”  the colored area  the one we at Tibiae Tech wish to serve.  The blue markers-  tech /wi-fi or coworking places, inset the  map of Made in NY – new tech business &  growth. Any Questions why   startup  accelerators coworking space and incubators are  needed…

To change the ratio we have to move tech into black communities

I love New Work City… but  Tribeca won’t do…

20 Jay street … It’s time they add video to meetings there…

Williamsburg… seriously? Probably for my son on his bike!

We are targeting women Dumbo, Tribeca, Williamsburg is not a choice … It cost me $35  to  travel from 20 Jay street events to my home late after tech events! We won’t mention the after event networking .. It’s not easy being one of the boys when

I wrote this on my Personal FB profile and decided to follow through on a threat  to make this a web series,”StratingUp While Black”, So that others may learn and be inspired!  The process is a hands on how to.. researching  emerging techniques conceptualizing and testing! Our approach to technology is interesting… we have  a pool of technologists who work with us…  we’re developing out the concepts but also dealing with change management… the reasons technology is not  permeating in the long-tail! 

We need solid business principles, and new thinking… our sessions directly challenge why a huge percentage of the 99%  are not  innovating and rather seem to be waiting  for a solution to be handed to them! 

Today I’m  a few blocks from my house at a Burger King … there is something  about having people around when you work for your self… you  actually do  work! It’s why  coworking is popular!  As far as I know there are no  coworking spaces in my area.

It’s why  I agreed to start  Tibiae Tech, The area we secured space  has wi-fi cafes.. but  many are not  receptive to this new type of worker! some no Outlets BTW I just  found an outlet  in this Burger king! Had  I been home I’d be sleeping  I’m  exhausted! Which is why , I’m siting here wondering where the hell I’m going to get the strength to  see this through, even as a ply through  the steps to a successful marketing campaign.

We have  asolid tentative space (till we move in it’s tentative) space. I stopped when I was interrupted by  a call from one of my cofounders working on his business startup. After a late night  session, which BTW, was loud and heated – we are a passionate bunch and others have admitted they  enjoy our discussions and learn  a lot. (we use public space) I’ve jokingly promised to make this a web series so others get the lessons LOL!

Now I’m seriously thinking it can help-   StartIng Up While Black is Not Easy!

Then This morning  another session this time with my son.. even more gifted that I, exposed to tech,but having  serious trouble accepting his talent  and trying to fit in with the others his age! Another call from a woman who has 50 women her program has trained to sew, no facility to take in work, they are ready for employment by local designer.. she’s done all this without funding and limited access to technology.
She needs A tech system to manage her workflow- Yes I agreed To help! Sometimes I  want to run away!

But as in my cofounder’s case, a breakthrough, he had just  conceptualized a BRILLIANT  solution  for his business plan and revenue model, I sit  and reflect.. the fight is worth it!

I know Black Entrepreneurs given the resources can make brilliant startups.. They are experts in their fields, with  hands on experience and passion.  They do not have trust funds, Sorority or Fraternity Brothers, Time (or for that matter Knowledge of) to attend NY’s thriving tech  community events.  Essential as a Black female I’ve live in two realities of  the NYTECH  scene since 2005/6.

I  am proud of the Tibiae Tech cofounders as a team.  By far some of the most  Intelligent and gifted Individuals I know.. That they are black and classify as “Minority”  is simply a “Gift”,  with the focus on  “changing the ratio”, I look forward to them presenting the final plans in next years rounds of pitching competitions… if I  do not  commit and illegal act  first  and sometimes I am not sure I am kidding !

Then This evening  our CfO.. BRILLIANT woman whose concept i see starting to  pop up but she understand banking and financing and has first hand experience as an  Entrepreneur.. It’s about speed and haste to market and letting go of her formal training and fears! 

Essentially we are leading change and folks especially my  folks do not like change!  There is a way things are Done… But  these sessions are draining and I am running on way below “lean” as startup fuel goes! Then an email from another cofounde, she is ready to train.. Not before we adapt and improve her time tested program & procedure to  facilitate resource development for a new generation of  tech companies desperately seeking  workers, I respond. I am Serious too many simply  drop old practices into  new technology and new work environment!

Now these are all leaderon their own strong opinionated…  I can hear her response!

We are Tackling several levels of change

The Accelerator program  an Upgrade from the  282Ac program is being developed by leading the Cofounders in each of the startups above!

There are, there will be no shortcuts..  no “I don’t have the time lets just  go around the rock”. We’re working our way through  obstacles!

The Incubator program targets new and existing small businesses and is a business development course with a tech  enabling focus. the goal is to have busiensses ready to  adapt  and adopt tech platforms for their businesses

We originally considered tabling the satellite program .. We’ve had four request for training  in tech skills data entry, call center, billing  that would enable the  community to be hired! and so trickle down… we have Till December 31 to  have each level and trainers ready! BTW we have not advertised I only just started telling my network!

Everyone is starting an incubator or holding a pitching  event, or a conference… but  they  have never  attended even one of the existing ones.. everyone wants the money  coming down the pipes to facilitate change… no one wants to  do the work. The end results…  check the map above. We’ve tested everyone of our techniques, attended hacks demos roundtables since 2007. Thsoe now in are getting a vigorous if informal intro session
I am a fashion designe, certified in cobol 30 years ago… i  do not code! but I’m A Fashion tech advocate, few of the Fashion tech apps can be used by myself or peers! Yet they get funded!

The first in  Corner the market or the muddy the waters!

I no longer practice design  or socialize in the tech scene I am Playing against the clock. but speaking to my cofounders, seeing  brilliant  ideas materialize, that is what  makes what I  do So Worth it!

Then I  begin to think… those complaining about the  President ‘s lack of change have no concept of how much it takes to create change this is 10 years observing, learning  conceptualizing testing  … then rinse lather repeat… across several sectors. I remember being asked  at  Video Hack Day NY  how my  project  would archive the video, by  a young white female judge… I simply bit my tongue…  I have been arching since Livestream was Mogulus… co-browsing and using telepresence since the early days of skype! Evn those reporting and Judging have no idea of what is going on…

Yes there is a lot  to do , It’s why  we need a Team
It’s why  I insist each cofounder launch a Stratup… so they understand what is entailed! Taking advice from  someone who have never actually  started up… won’t work in the hood!

Teamwork is also new… but more n that later!

The Team”  is important,  which is why Ycombinator,  the leading Accelerator  is so hyped on “The  team” they accept  teams that  do not even have concepts, to their prized accelerator program!

Y Combinator: Winter 2014 Funding

At Http:// we’ve closed any intake for the accelerator program… till we move in.. but we are prepping the next batch or Accelerator -startup … and incubator… small tech based business candidates Space for coworking will be available November!

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