STEAMED BADASSE – 6 Senses of Right-Brain Thinking and the Conceptual Age

The times they are a-changin’.

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the power of COMMUNITY IS trumps ONESo what does this Picture  and “Pursuit, Paradox, Prosperity, Passion, Purpose, Persistence, Progress” as well as a man named Pink have in common, other than they start in “P”. They’re   on my mind this Sunday  evening.

“ask yourself were you better today than you were yesterday” and you will Progress.

They “Pursuit, Paradox, Prosperity, Passion, Purpose, Persistence, Progress” just  keep resonating in my mind and are at the core of defining  my next  steps! First the Picture a screenshot of a viral image that came across my FB feed (13951 likes and 2212 share ) while others praised the man… I  saw the community’s lack of comprehension.

Did they not  “get ” what he was doing?

Could they not have helped?

I’ve had so often this week to defend my stance on community  approach  it surprises me… I started realizing that  some people  simply cannot grasp certain concepts a while aback. Some people, for example, honestly do not “understand the power of community” and how to leverage it to move a society ahead!

I had even spent that morning discussing it with my Aunt. Unfortunately doing things differently , conceiving and conceptualizing is frowned  upon in many cultures. Yet we’re entering the age of creativity the “Conceptual age”, actually we may be well in it!  The importance of “Art and Artful Thinking”  is being  adopted by Left  brain-ers as right brain-ers abandon it!

Afrikans are abandoning  sewing , carpentry, and other hand  or “artisan work” even as  other communities adopt “making”.

Then I caught this program on OWN see video below. There were a lot  of  gems on this topic and my simple curiosity  about a man’s name , “Daniel Pink”, led me to watching and left me glued to  the television for an hour. There are no accidents in life especially when you are seeking answers!  So a quick  check revealed that this was an old interview but  for someone who seldom watches television it was new. Not the concepts though. I had fist hand experience of the topics discussed in this presentation (Check video below), having run a project  involving creatives and business development since 2003.


So this concept that  right brain thinking can be developed caught my attention. What  do You think?

My  journey  started seeking meaning  in Fashion ater 911 and the death of my  brother later that year … it has come full circle using  “Fashion”  as a platform for change and  conversation.
Design , Play, Story, Symphony, Empathy and Meaning  would not have been my choice of words but the Principles are definitely  heavily  utilized in the  programs I plan to launch Jul 8th 2013. It is open to fashion designers but this time were making  room for creatives including media and communication  busiensses. You need to be selected to  participate so feel free to contact  me (the chat feature really is the best) or submit the form.

So the concepts;-

STEAMED;-  Science- Technology- Engineering – Art- Math- Execution and Distribution. More Here

B.A.D.A.S.S.E IS an acronym for Business, Art, Design, Apparel, Sustainability, Styling and “Ein’-dustrial careers. It covers the Creative Industries with a viewpoint of creating companies that employ our communities.

Design , Play, Story, Symphony, Empathy and Meaning ;-   See video in post



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