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Someohow DanceHackit 2011 was on my mind today and as  I took a look at some of the clips the importance of exploring technology across the arts really struck me. Technology & Dance, performance theater…  Whether it was before the event or After with pics and highlights Local Press matters


We streamed with Live stream and the original footage is no longer there, save for clips, we transferred to   Youtube and some documentary footage we shot during the process. Then Posterous where we hosted the  Info closed after their acquisition  by Twitter. The loss of much of the archival footage and the lack of control we faced over them, has left me determined to create a platform to facilitate Creativity and technology but I help so many groups it’s time for a space.


Here is the pre show release



Movement, Music, Fashion and Technology Intersect in Virtual Global Performance


NEW YORK, NY, November 1, 2011—Computer hackers tweak technology to create unexpected results in cyberspace. With DANCEHACKIT™, Tony Award-nominated choreographer Marlies Yearby and fasionista/ tech guru Bonnie Sandy hope to create an extraordinary virtual performance, crafted by tweaking movement, music, fashion and technology on a global scale.

On November 19, from 2 p.m. until 4:30pm est, dancers from across the United States, the Caribbean, Europe and West Africa will perform to the same musical playlist, at the same time and in their own distinctive styles. Their improvisations will be remixed and streamed in real time on a wide screen to an audience at Long Island University’s Kumble Theater in Brooklyn (Flatbush Ave., between DeKalb Ave. and Willoughby St.) and online at

DANCEHACKIT™ represents a new synergy between arts and technology. “Existing at the intersection of movement, music and technology, DANCEHACKIT™ is designed to remove the limitations of location by being virtual and globally accessible,” explains project Director  and Co Founder Yearby.

DANCEHACKIT™ will launch as part of the Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival (BKFFF). “Dancers will strut not only their movement style but also their fashion statements through collaborations between dancers and fashion designers,” notes Sandy, who serves as Director of Technology.

Dance performers/leaders include Tracy Lang Dance (GA), Baraka de Soleil (IL), Marlies Yearby and Love/Forte, and Janelle Mahone (Gambia). Music by Oliver Lake, Wunmi and Slow Commotion, Vernon Reid, Morley Kamen, Dei Free Range Music, Groove Lily, Chen Lo and others will be featured. Participating designers include Kuumba Designs (St Lucia), Melissa Lockwood of IQTEST (NYC).

DANCEHACKIT™ will end with a panel discussion with organizers and sponsors entitled Creativity,The Next Commodity: How Do Artists Master the Technology for Sustainability and Profit? “With Google launching 100 online channels  and Comcast committing to at least eleven new channels, there is a need for innovative content. Artists have an opportunity to fill that void, but they first need to learn and adapt the technology. This is what we are doing here at BKFFF,” says Sandy.

It Happened! Across the globe virtually and in realtime history was made. A simultaneous freestyle dance improvisation was launched on DanceHackIt’s Virtual Screening Room Saturday November 19, 2011 at 2:10pm.  DanceHackIt’s Director Marlies Yearby (Tony Nominated choreographer of RENT)  with Video Engineer Paul Demps switched the realtime livestream feed between The Gambia, West Africa, St Lucia in the Caribbean, Vermont, USA, and in Brooklyn, NY USA into one virtual viewing area hosted by Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival. Dancers, MusicMakers like Vernon Reid featuring Beans, Orange Avenue, Craig Harris, Wunmi and Slow Commotion shared their work for the playlist danced

The energy between the dancing Pads was electric as it showcased the individual’s self expression and the leadership style of their Pad Leaders.  But what was incredible was best said by DanceHackIt’s NY venue sponsor the Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts in Brooklyn at Long Island University managing director Rodney Hurley,

“On the viewing screen it really looked like all the pads were dancing one choreographed piece.  If the music slowed the dancers across the pads slowed. It was something to see”.


DANCEHACKIT is a new digital platform to share creativity and showcase fresh ideas. It removes the limitations of location by being virtual and globally accessible.

DANCEHACKIT embraces the voices and ideas of diverse populations not usually involved in the early exploration of technology platforms. What the tech community coins as “Normals”DANCEHACKIT recognizes as important in creating user friendly interfaces and to that end they bring together real people who will impact the technology at it’s alpha stage. The benefit of harnessing the power of the “Normals” to include women, artists, and a global diverse population in the product development stage, was immediately seen in the troubleshooting and feedback of the “HackIt”

Bonnie Sandy and Marlies Yearby, creators of DanceHackIt, MusicHackIt, FashionHackIt  are already working out logistics for a replay of the dancing pads for virtual viewing and the further development of the platform.    

Sponsored by: , VYou , , Vokle, Gallery 138, Kumble Theater for The Performing Arts, and hosted by Brooklyn Fashion Film Festival. Global LaunchPad Leaders: Richard Ambrose of Richard Ambrose Dance Theater (St Lucia), Christal Brown of Middlebury College (Vermont USA), Jennelle Mahoney Sy (The Gambia, West Africa) and Marlies Yearby of DanceHackIt’s Mother LaunchPad (Brooklyn, NY USA) Padders/Dancers, Designers, and Music Makers 



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