The times they are a-changin’.

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At hacks i noticed that the developers sometimes did not quite “get it”, I’ve noticed that with many apps over the years and as for business models,  sure I loved the sites but in the end-  I was bored.  I’m fortunate enough to have added art to technology and seen the excitement , but artist often will not execute on their own. Nor would they distribute info … we need all and a successful strategy to meld them together… that’s AS I see iT

my two pence on the wired article
ART Without EXECUTION is simply a DREAM and without Distribution even the best products die. So while the author adds an “A” to STEM , I’ll take the liberty of adding an “ED”- STEAMED

Many will simply not get this article… it is about Innovation and written from an Innovative mindset. That’s Ok some get it some don’t. working with artist to adopt and adapt technology i continually see firsthand the Genius solutions that Artist think up!

Execution though is a huge challenge and even if they can iterate their concept they often fail to effectively market and distribute their ideas.
See the here



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