Support- Challenging The Ratio Is Not Something You Do on A Podium!

The times they are a-changin’.

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Support Entrepreneurship

You get down Into the community and speak to those  you wish to affect! Then the game looks a whole lot different!  I’m asking  for your support to “Jumpstart our Business solutions.” I am asking you to  donate or Partner with us. In order to fully maximize this vision we’ll need space, resources, technology, manpower and yes cash. We need you to simply share!

There is no waiting … No tomorrow … We need support Now. I’ve put a lot of sweat equity and all our resources to bring it this far.  I have two choices to get support  or walk away.  Many Others have simply  moved on…

If you were to  travel through the darker purple areas you’ll see many youth simply “hanging”… there are few spaces in our community to engage those 18-25 in a positive manner. Fewer spaces that encourage entrepreneurship far less that speak on Innovation and Tech. No discussions on strategy our youth are simply “MIMICKING” and “DOing” what seems to be working. No one is teaching them how to innovate, test, select, measure and/or make solid business choices!

We’re already losing at the newest game!
Two Years ago I was approached to work on an incubator in downtown Brooklyn. The lady with whom I met said plainly,

“I do not want a Black Look or feel”, She continued, “Sponsors want to see young white females!”

I had a choice then accept the staus quo or stand for what I believe… I walked away! I have one response to that The very technology they seek to manipulate allows for anyone to gain a strong following, it  allows for anyone to sell… for now. 

But if we continue settling, sitting  back and waiting… we’ll lose out!

It’s not  just the  young  But Those nearing or at retirement! it’s those at their prime , men and women!

We began working with Startup Platforms, solution meant for a niche group. Soon those individuals expressed concerns about finding suppliers and we added small creative entrepreneurs! We’ve tested our workshops online but were willing to add offline solutions! We built a sustainable model but we had no idea how dire the situation was. Which brings me to reaching out for support!
This is a new addition to our model. However thankfully we were able to run some test
They’ve been under the guidance of the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of America Now As young Adults they mentor the generation behind them!



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