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The times they are a-changin’.

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You’re not uniques if you’re dressed like everyone else. Distinctive fabric, distinctive texture, motif, pattern or print that inspire, motivate and celebrate who you are  is one of the biggest problems faced by independent designers and retailers. The Surface Issues segment shows you how to design and select the exact pattern and print your desire! Technology you soon will be able to have exactly what you want! Our surface issues segment is designed for personal or professional design and styling. We explore weight drape and fabric choices best suited to your lifestyle needs. We take on common myths and perception of value and do a “reality check”!

In the image below is a line designed for William (Will) Fleet … A Pan Africanist,  Wi;l asked for tie dye, Red Green and Gold but he wanted a “Caribbean Aesthetic”! I grew up with croton leaves and poui trees set against the lush green of the Cascade hills! Translating that into first fabric and then a garment… was not the challenge; Will knew my design process. It was repeating this for a line offered on the local Brooklyn Scene! Fast forward to 2015 and there are more options!
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