#Paddleson #livestream is an important discussion in #Artstech #Fashiontech #makertech Space.

  Watch live streaming video from artstechnyc at livestream.com If you follow the intersection of art and tech here is one of the most important discussions to date. #Paddleson – 20 Digital works of arts by 18 artist employing digital as both a medium and a tool that are up for auction the discussion start … Continue reading

How Would You use the new Facebook Embed Feature

I finally have the Facebook  embed feature and have included instruction as to “how to”. Now it’s easier to curate and share ON MY BLOG… but  what  would I  share and how does it  work, MOST importantly will I  find things worth sharing. I can connect The rants I made on a page… Post by … Continue reading

@fashioncamp BADASSE 3.0 Where Makers Talk Tech @internetweekny #IWNY # badasse3iwny

I’m in the last  phases of pulling  together details for BADASSE 3.0 next is a call to other designers to submit a 30-60 sec clip of how tech helps them to create, produce sell or what they wish they had! We’re  really not doing anything different than we usually  do except  letting others in! As … Continue reading

Vote for “How can I get that”- to #makethestage @IWNY makethestage.bonniesandy.com

“How can I get that”- Will discuss Challenges in Social Commerce & Global opportunity for local Creative Industry Update we’ll discuss the challenges of  distribution services at our Google hangout  during  InternetWeekNy.com   We like, love, share, pinned & follow to our heart’s or fingers content! Now all that’s left is answer the question I’ve seen … Continue reading

Remember Gold Bond Stamps

Technology can be so distracting and  yet so rewarding.  Doing some research I came across the Carlson company and their link to Gold Bond stamps which led to  this post and images (screenshot of images). So first the Carlson company, it was started in 1938 with a $55.oo loan as the  Gold Bond Company.  Carlson … Continue reading