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Mark your media when Marketing- Tasteful Social Attribution

I’ve taken to signing  posts and images with my  website, and I have to admit I am not sure if it is “correct”.  Having looked at how people use Social media I believe it is the best  approach.  I am NOT an employee of Facebook or Google Plus, and lately  Social media reading and responding, engaging as … Continue reading

What’s your Why?

Yes, “Your Why” This is important because  it will help  Mom and Pop Creative entrepreneurs leverage technology to  feed themselves and their family. Most  can  answer their “what”, a few their “How”  but seldom can they pinpoint their “why”. Samuel Pierpoint Langleypoints out  in this Ted talk that  the most  common reasons people give for failure … Continue reading

Why BS

Good vs Bad… A creative industrialist , has several  constituents, including  colleagues,  customers, B2B clients, B2C clients and consumers of those B2C Clients. There is no rule that demands they be “nice”, that is simply common courtesy  extended to others. An entitlement to their contacts, knowledge and time is a disrespect to their  person. I  explore … Continue reading

Marketplaces Creative Clusters Collaborations and Competition a value proposition for Black Creatives.

Repeat after me Collaboration is not competition.  Clusters are a type of Collaboration strategy that can help your business.  So what’s a cluster. A business cluster is a geographic concentration of interconnected businesses, suppliers, and associated institutions in a particular field. Clusters are considered to increase the productivity with which companies can compete, nationally and … Continue reading

Reflecting Media

Does our media reflect our society… or does society mimic the media? I once had a young lady  approach a photographer at  his studio, asking for a shoot with the subsequent “photo-shopping”  so she’d look  “Beautiful”. When he asked why she’d want  to misrepresent herself and why she’d want  someone attracted to who she was not  she … Continue reading

Challenging The Divide;- Is The Problem one of Perception, Culture, or Lack of a Platform

The “Challenging the Divide, Perceptions, Stereotypes, Myths, Misconceptions and Realities as to the “lack of minority-owned businesses in today’s Tech Sector! ” Presentation doc is online at Is the issue of a divide really one of perception… above video of Wright: ‘Closing the Divide: Perception Problem’ from Open Society Foundations and The American Values … Continue reading

It’s My Way or The Highway

The Confessions of a Passive aggressive Leader would have been a more apt title for this post ! I was LIVID a few weeks ago when  one of my partners told me this in the  course of a heated debate. I literally asked him  what the hell he meant, in a tone that was not … Continue reading

A Fathers Day Salute to Tech Dads #happyfathersday

My  Dad is… was a computer programmer.  I never really thought  much about it-  till we convened FashionCamp in 2009.  It’s what he did when he left the house and there were days we’d pray he’d go to work, FashionCamp was Barcamp style tech unconference,  at that time  it was one of the most  diverse … Continue reading


At hacks i noticed that the developers sometimes did not quite “get it”, I’ve noticed that with many apps over the years and as for business models,  sure I loved the sites but in the end-  I was bored.  I’m fortunate enough to have added art to technology and seen the excitement , but artist … Continue reading

Take a look at these Badasse designers!

I find myself writing a proposal that would create a world stage for designers. As always I lead with the why… hence   a few days ago I  spent my morning  “babbling” to myself! Why would target consumers be  interested  subject in this badasse group, B.A.D.A.S.S.E is an  acronym for Business, Art, Design, Apparel, Styling … Continue reading

Somedays I just want to move to Harlem, or St. Lucia

Since last  October I have been seriously considering a total move  yes to St Lucia… why not my native Trinidad- that is another post! Anywhere but Brooklyn… that map says a lot, the successfull thriving NYtech  scene of, and where tech centers are located (yes there is more to be added), where it overlaps with … Continue reading

The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same!

Here are the details from a post on The business of Masquerade originally I   posted  On a conversation with masman Richie Richardson,  much I am sure has change… much  it seems has remained the same! Tomorrow I  have a Special Valentines Day offer on a Seven day online version of my Creative Incubator’s Creative Entrepreneurial … Continue reading

2013 I will exercise Unwavering Resilience!

Finally decided what to “call” my new year! 2013- Unwavering Resilience! Giving a name is a powerful act … Seriously I started a couple years ago and love the result! I do not do “resolutions”. i focus on a theme. The first year “I AM”; the second “EXCEPTIONAL” … and boy was it! Last year’s … Continue reading

Is UJAMAA Simply a word You Recite on December 29th each year!

Ujamaa To build and maintain our own stores, shops, and other businesses and to profit from them together. If my statemeant is wrong, feel free to list  examples of “Cooperative Economics” in the comments! “Cooperative Economics” goes way beyond “collaboration”, the latter  suggests working together for individual gain… Cooperative economics suggest putting aside purely self related … Continue reading

UJIMA – Be Ye not Unequally Yoked- Collective Work and Responsibility

To hell with unity… or rather the pretense of unity!  Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility) is different from unity! Collective Work and Responsibility is about  individual dedication and action! UJIMA is the Kwanzaa principle for Dec 28th Yes I espouse unity but the word is overused and is losing it’s meaning in our community! What I believe in is the … Continue reading

The Quest to Define Self Must Proceed Kujichagulia- Self Determination!

As I reflect this year, I realize that ” The quest to Define Self must proceed, self determination but Kujichagulia, Self definition is not necessarily  self determination”.  Self Determination requires thinking through the consequences and making a choice what is in ones best interest! It means getting  facts and weighing consequences! It means READING; It … Continue reading

Social Commerce- Let Your Brand Story Reek of Truth!

The line that caught my eyes, stated “Did you know, there are currently 165 monarchies in Africa?” At first glance it seemed genuine and so I shared, technically other than poor SEO practices, there does not seem to be much at first glance. However I also saved it to read the story more closely… To … Continue reading

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Social Commerce One Day we’ll Shop from Videos – Literally

When I tell the designers that together we can create a shopping network for independent  fashion videos… it’s hard for them to conceive. Which is why I  put this video overlay together.  with we hope to reach a point where this is seamless and effortless for mom and pop or independent Creative Businesses. Getting … Continue reading

Events, Conferences,Workshops, Seminars, Classes, Demos, RoundTables, Hackathons and Pitch Competitions all part of the Business Environment

We realize we need to add Learning as well as Research and  Development to the space we are Planning. So we’re asking  what you’s like to learn  or teach! The Tuberiam (our name for our spaces) will not be like  my Mamma’s Workshop… except they actually  are! My  mom worked in what would be described as a  coworking space, … Continue reading