Bonnie Sandy is Helping Global Creatives With New Technology & Exploring Strategies That Take New Tech Enabled Local Cottage type Businesses Global

When we launched 28squared in 2009 We specifically targeted expanding  the businesses of creative entrepreneurs from around the globe  we reached out to  local designers across the globe and Queen  Esther of Kuumba designs was one who volunteered to be a part of the exploration. In 2003 I officially began  exploring  creative entrepreneurship in 2006. I’ve … Continue reading

Forget Passion Purpose is The New Career Must Have!

“Passion”  has been the key word in many career books, blogs and conferences, yet have you noticed how many are feeling lost, despite “seeming” to have done or achieved  success, in that  ‘Passion”!  From my inbox, messages and queries I know something is amiss.  You may have been part of a discussion, or simply  noticed … Continue reading

Marketplaces Creative Clusters Collaborations and Competition a value proposition for Black Creatives.

Repeat after me Collaboration is not competition.  Clusters are a type of Collaboration strategy that can help your business.  So what’s a cluster. A business cluster is a geographic concentration of interconnected businesses, suppliers, and associated institutions in a particular field. Clusters are considered to increase the productivity with which companies can compete, nationally and … Continue reading