Flatbush Noire

 Flatbush Noire &  Flatbush Noir! ;-  One is a Weekly  Artisan Night Market The other  is an “omniChannel”, an Online and offline space,  with a physical  a creative coworking space that is open from 9pm to 8am In The Flatbush Area  of Brooklyn May 1st 2013 means the  launch of our Brooklyn Fashion/Creative/Maker/Tech  program.  I’ve often … Continue reading

Take a look at these Badasse designers!

I find myself writing a proposal that would create a world stage for designers. As always I lead with the why… hence   a few days ago I  spent my morning  “babbling” to myself! Why would target consumers be  interested  subject in this badasse group, B.A.D.A.S.S.E is an  acronym for Business, Art, Design, Apparel, Styling … Continue reading

A Fashion Tech Learning Facility Coworking Space & Incubator

Thanks to the  folks at Esaie Design Studios, TibiaeTech can now create a unique solution a Fashion Tech Coworking Space that will house Learning, skillsharing,  Incubation and yes acceleration!   It’s also  at the heart of a seriously  under-served community… so we’re hoping to start  a trend and encourage others to come set up nearby! … Continue reading

Does Your Web Site Design- Work For You

Take a look At www.BonnieSandy.com I’ve been completely redesigning It to answer teh question- What  do I need from a Website? What would the Boutique translate to online! It’s the question one of our concepts startup at www.tibiaetech.com seeks to answer! So I took to   looking not  just at  existing solutions but also whats is needed … Continue reading

Social Commerce designing for online and offline networking!

[product sku=”BSS 211″] What is the value of the time you spend online! Is it increasing your sales! Building the “Perception of value” others have of your product  services merchandise? Do you sell as much as you could  and can changing your practices increase or augment sales! I’m not looking  for rhetoric, I want real … Continue reading

Social Commerce – Telling Your Products story – How to

You are proactively selling when sharing your design story.  I’ll say it again, You are not giving away a favor to editors , when you share, or by allowing others to share your story! Marketing cost and if I, or anyone else, offer to help you market understand the value of that! Yes your design has a story… Social … Continue reading

Social Commerce- Spotting Poor Construction and Bad Fit

Buyers do not care what the press says, they want items that move off the rack and do not  return. If the images here look OK .. they are not, you need this workshop. Fit and construction are key. Yes this is another workshop, with two versions. One for consumers who are purchasing and a second for … Continue reading

Embracing The BS Towards Change

Someone asked me … What if I don’t Like the program… My Response The one thing I can  guarantee is  that at some point you will not  like what I have to say! Such is the nature of change, so understand that we expect  participants to have an  open mind and experiment and EXECUTE!  www.Bonniesandy.com/occupyfashion Fashioning … Continue reading

Occupy Fashion and helping others explore career options

above is a slide show of Pieces By  Natacha Jospitre…  for a line she conceived and desigend Gizelle NY. It takes a lot  to  start a fashion line… but we can help designers occupy their vision… we’ve don  it repeatedly.  Out  of the door Tacha  knew her ideas were solid as boutique owners offered to … Continue reading

Who Do we Trust For Our Fashion Tech and Industry News!

That their PR release screamed “the world’s first shoppable Video” is understandable Social PR is about  SCREAMING! Well at least  so it  seems. That almost every  Tech  and fashion Blog  posted it without questioning  it is cause for concerns  in fact Racked was the only site that  went without the hype! Are they? www.Klickable.Tv have … Continue reading


CanVazz marries the best of mass & bespoke customization to the latest wearable technology thus  creating customizable building block that come together to create limitless options for a personal expression! Canvazz  custom design  service that allows T- shirt  artist  to offer  a more Fashion Forward  product range! it will help the globally connected & extensive. … Continue reading