put your art on an item someone can use

Skill and Product Development for the Modern Cottage industry

Skill development and education for those entering the Cottage Industry 3.0, education can  run from   “You Tube University” or “Local Classes”  to DIY experimentation.  As a supplement to guided learning that may be fine, however as a stand alone option much is lost! Moving from a DIY project to a product service or merchandise … Continue reading

Bonnie Sandy is Helping Global Creatives With New Technology & Exploring Strategies That Take New Tech Enabled Local Cottage type Businesses Global

When we launched 28squared in 2009 We specifically targeted expanding  the businesses of creative entrepreneurs from around the globe  we reached out to  local designers across the globe and Queen  Esther of Kuumba designs was one who volunteered to be a part of the exploration. In 2003 I officially began  exploring  creative entrepreneurship in 2006. I’ve … Continue reading