Can I Get a Patent or Trademark for This – FREE USPTO Saturday Seminar – May 17

Learn about IP protection for your creative business- USPTO Officials will conduct an all-day workshop alongside intellectual property (IP) experts in providing attendees valuable information about the different types of IP protection and the patent and trademark application process. Event Details As part of its ongoing outreach to independent inventors, entrepreneurs and businesses, the United … Continue reading

Bonnie Sandy is Helping Global Creatives With New Technology & Exploring Strategies That Take New Tech Enabled Local Cottage type Businesses Global

When we launched 28squared in 2009 We specifically targeted expanding  the businesses of creative entrepreneurs from around the globe  we reached out to  local designers across the globe and Queen  Esther of Kuumba designs was one who volunteered to be a part of the exploration. In 2003 I officially began  exploring  creative entrepreneurship in 2006. I’ve … Continue reading

We need an @nascar approach to local #fashiontech #arttech #creativetech strategy- part 1

 The need to raise awareness understanding and add to the “perception of value is a topic that needs further explanation.  I’ve been thinking about the Global impact of  Nascar on  Local stock car racing as a model for  local creatives. Discussions with and among  independent creatives show they  are either not “benefitting” or showing poor returns on their time investments … Continue reading

Creating A Recipe for Creative and Artistic Commercial Success

 Technology is changing the way we earn from our creativity. Opening doors and forging new paths. I explore  Creative Industrialism.  I  don’t often speak  or even think of what 10 years have accomplished.  Creative under my guidance have made the following reports as to the effect of the advice they took. $7,000 investment led to … Continue reading

Ideation- Passion & Purpose Beyond Grants or How to Earn Support and Employ – Product Services and Merchandise Development

Show me the Money.  Too often artist  designers and crafters cannot. Lately individuals seek to “balance tehir books by crowdsourcing,  finding a backer or “funding”. with artist it’s grants.  This type of influx of cash should be made available to jumpstart  projects that have a plan for survival.  In other words does your numbers make sense. … Continue reading

ART Preparing Creatives For Business in The Contextual Web Era

[portfolio_slideshow] Maybe I’m a closet  nomad but I like my art in an “African” sensibility,delivered in a utilitarian mode in my carpets, fabrics, utensils, furniture architecture tools.  I am also  an artist, I’m dying to get my hand into some pastels, or paint. For now that desire is translated in using technology to redefining the … Continue reading

Music and Media- Digital Space – Content is King.

Media & technology;- Under this umbrella falls The Communicative and Interactive  arts such as Music, Media and Gaming, creating industry and opportunity  using technology.  I asked a friend , a Singer and Musician what were her products… she cited Youtube ,  CD’S and Downloads. So how’s that working for you, I asked… to which  she … Continue reading