@Bethenny Get Your Panties Out Your Ass

Forget hybrid thongs, and butt glue  try these # Backless the pattented, panties by is one comfortable solution (yes I’ve tried them) They are designed by former Brooklyn Fashion Week participant Designer Beverly Perryman of Fashion Mirage. As I worked on tomorrows launch of the virtual Incubator program I had the TV   on, and suddenly heard … Continue reading

Music and Media- Digital Space – Content is King.

Media & technology;- Under this umbrella falls The Communicative and Interactive  arts such as Music, Media and Gaming, creating industry and opportunity  using technology.  I asked a friend , a Singer and Musician what were her products… she cited Youtube ,  CD’S and Downloads. So how’s that working for you, I asked… to which  she … Continue reading

Challenging The Divide;- Is The Problem one of Perception, Culture, or Lack of a Platform

The “Challenging the Divide, Perceptions, Stereotypes, Myths, Misconceptions and Realities as to the “lack of minority-owned businesses in today’s Tech Sector! ” Presentation doc is online at http://goo.gl/Kl4MhO Is the issue of a divide really one of perception… above video of Wright: ‘Closing the Divide: Perception Problem’ from Open Society Foundations and The American Values … Continue reading

STEAMED – Looking Back at – Dancehackit

Someohow DanceHackit 2011 was on my mind today and as  I took a look at some of the clips the importance of exploring technology across the arts really struck me. Technology & Dance, performance theater…  Whether it was before the event or After with pics and highlights Local Press matters Innovation We streamed with Live … Continue reading

Embracing Changes takes a bit getting used to

Conversations make a difference! As I make changes to the site, two things come to mind;-1)  Do these changes work for the  customer and 2nd, how do they fit into the overall workflow. What I did not expect way the challenge of adoption on my part!  Case in point the chat feature, which  works really … Continue reading

Fashion Design and the Contextual web

In the image is a sketch of a lace bias cut top rendered in black lace over white! Next to it various body types.  If I’m dealing directly in the store it is easy to gauge the customer and even fit the garment. I can observe coloring and select the best choices. My goal is … Continue reading

MOOCs – Raising the Question- “Is Value Always Tied To Purpose or Profit Lines?”!

If you were called a “Moocs ” when I was growing up it  meant you were deliberately  Not Brilliant! Today the world over MOOCs are massive open online courses,  given by top  universities. I  still prefer OCW open coursewear… but hey! You’ll find an extensive list of Mooc’s in this post  to which we’d add edX https://www.edx.org/ which we picked up in this You … Continue reading

Does Your Web Site Design- Work For You

Take a look At www.BonnieSandy.com I’ve been completely redesigning It to answer teh question- What  do I need from a Website? What would the Boutique translate to online! It’s the question one of our concepts startup at www.tibiaetech.com seeks to answer! So I took to   looking not  just at  existing solutions but also whats is needed … Continue reading