10 areas in #fashion that #Technology can Impact #Fashiontech & other creative sectors

On social media, Channels I am hard pressed to  find anything more than  consumer selfies, fashion show pics and narcissistic ‘editorials” posing as #Fashion, even in groups for designers by designers. As I curate it is difficult to  properly categorize my interest. – Sourcing | Designing | Production/Manufacturing | Marketing | Retail- {Sales -Fulfillment} | Sport/Entertainment … Continue reading

put your art on an item someone can use

Skill and Product Development for the Modern Cottage industry

Skill development and education for those entering the Cottage Industry 3.0, education can  run from   “You Tube University” or “Local Classes”  to DIY experimentation.  As a supplement to guided learning that may be fine, however as a stand alone option much is lost! Moving from a DIY project to a product service or merchandise … Continue reading

What’s your Why?

Yes, “Your Why” This is important because  it will help  Mom and Pop Creative entrepreneurs leverage technology to  feed themselves and their family. Most  can  answer their “what”, a few their “How”  but seldom can they pinpoint their “why”. Samuel Pierpoint Langleypoints out  in this Ted talk that  the most  common reasons people give for failure … Continue reading

We need an @nascar approach to local #fashiontech #arttech #creativetech strategy- part 1

 The need to raise awareness understanding and add to the “perception of value is a topic that needs further explanation.  I’ve been thinking about the Global impact of  Nascar on  Local stock car racing as a model for  local creatives. Discussions with and among  independent creatives show they  are either not “benefitting” or showing poor returns on their time investments … Continue reading

#ShoptheHangout @Google & @CFDA sells DVF October 3rd – #fashiontech @Fashioncamp – the future is here #badasse3

Designer Diane Von Fustenberg Kicks off the Fall shopping season with #shopthehangout and thus heralds in mainstream acceptance of Video as a selling tool for fashion designers.Well for EVERYTHING… where  fashion  leads others follow. CFDA and GOOGLE are teaming up to  sell DVF’s  Line via Hangouts. Yes  video will sell clothing I said it in 2005. I’ve … Continue reading

Moving to a membership model- Lifetime for $5.00 till 9-22-13

[portfolio_slideshow] www.bonniesandy.com is  moving to a paid membership model. Great content  is not free.  A site membership would mean vested constituents who can shape what they desire and need. This would enable me to invest  in new forms of content, research, editing, new images (I do not use stock images) while creating programing  for both … Continue reading

Creating A Recipe for Creative and Artistic Commercial Success

 Technology is changing the way we earn from our creativity. Opening doors and forging new paths. I explore  Creative Industrialism.  I  don’t often speak  or even think of what 10 years have accomplished.  Creative under my guidance have made the following reports as to the effect of the advice they took. $7,000 investment led to … Continue reading

@Bethenny Get Your Panties Out Your Ass

Forget hybrid thongs, and butt glue  try these # Backless the pattented, panties by is one comfortable solution (yes I’ve tried them) They are designed by former Brooklyn Fashion Week participant Designer Beverly Perryman of Fashion Mirage. As I worked on tomorrows launch of the virtual Incubator program I had the TV   on, and suddenly heard … Continue reading

Bridging the divide

A bridge is being  built in Brooklyn… Since  first reading the account that chronicles the building of the Brooklyn Bridge , the use of caissons has remained with me  and always comes to mind when I’m considering the building of tech solutions that affect  local communities. many  are focused on the grandeur that is the  bridge but  what … Continue reading

Why BS

Good vs Bad… A creative industrialist , has several  constituents, including  colleagues,  customers, B2B clients, B2C clients and consumers of those B2C Clients. There is no rule that demands they be “nice”, that is simply common courtesy  extended to others. An entitlement to their contacts, knowledge and time is a disrespect to their  person. I  explore … Continue reading

ART Preparing Creatives For Business in The Contextual Web Era

[portfolio_slideshow] Maybe I’m a closet  nomad but I like my art in an “African” sensibility,delivered in a utilitarian mode in my carpets, fabrics, utensils, furniture architecture tools.  I am also  an artist, I’m dying to get my hand into some pastels, or paint. For now that desire is translated in using technology to redefining the … Continue reading

Samra- an 11 year old presents an ecofashion concept collection at Brooklyn Museum fo WIADCA YouthFest

[portfolio_slideshow slideheight=500] Update we added Images after  the show , These were shot  while they were prepping  for the event,  ___________________________________ I’m under embargo till after her show but  my 11 year old protege, Kaylah Reid Anglin, is all set to  present  Samra at the Brooklyn  Museum’s Parking lot, Today  Friday  30th august 2013 during the Youthfest, Back … Continue reading

#sewopen Collaborative, Sandals, Shoes, loafers, Rainboots – sign up to Beta program

The concept  for #sewopen is to create a collaborative means of supplying the Apparel  sector. It  explore local and distributed manufacturing. It revisits techniques  for meeting design  my  mom and other local designers employed and uses technology to add cohesion.  Http;//so.Bonniesandy.com Post by Brooklyn Fashion Week. Post by Brooklyn Fashion Week. Post by Brooklyn Fashion … Continue reading

Manic for Marbling- How to marble with shaving cream

Marbling is one way to create unique fabrics for your designs. In a NY  Apartment  space is an issue here is a simple technique that you can adapt in your own style!  join our Open Sew group on Google Plus for more of these. Silhouette- Pattern- Surface- Fabrication- Notions- Trim-  etc all go into creating a … Continue reading

She Speaks Tech- The diary of a Black {woman} In Technology

I don’t turn water into wine… (not in the miraculous Biblical sense “Christians” crave. If you want me to change water into wine… you’ll need to bring mature fruit add a fermenting agent , flavor it with great extracts, wait for the process to work and then take the responsibility of letting the poisonous gasses … Continue reading

Natural Styles

One of the key  factors in product development is the importance of a color and a color tools but how does one develop an independent voice while staying within the  trend spectrum. The color,  surface and textile sourcing shows hits New York. Many  attend but  it’s not always an option… in  our workshops we show … Continue reading