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Skill and Product Development for the Modern Cottage industry

Skill development and education for those entering the Cottage Industry 3.0, education can  run from   “You Tube University” or “Local Classes”  to DIY experimentation.  As a supplement to guided learning that may be fine, however as a stand alone option much is lost! Moving from a DIY project to a product service or merchandise … Continue reading

Brooklyn Has a Coworking Tech Space Centered Around Local Creative Lifestyle & Fashion Industries

Earlier this year I  informed many that, we were committed to providing solutions in the creative, Lifestyle tech space! So we’re launching a TECH SPACE CENTERED AROUND LOCAL CREATIVE LIFESTYLE FASHION INDUSTRY Http://space.BonnieSandy.com Event management for Designers Registration For Fashion Tech Coworking Space powered by Eventbrite On Earth Day NY we will be leading with  an … Continue reading

MOOCs – Raising the Question- “Is Value Always Tied To Purpose or Profit Lines?”!

If you were called a “Moocs ” when I was growing up it  meant you were deliberately  Not Brilliant! Today the world over MOOCs are massive open online courses,  given by top  universities. I  still prefer OCW open coursewear… but hey! You’ll find an extensive list of Mooc’s in this post  to which we’d add edX https://www.edx.org/ which we picked up in this You … Continue reading

Social Commerce- What They Don’t Teach You at YouTube University

There is only so much you can learn at “The University of  Youtube”!  The young man that brought this to  light was earnest and frank in his assessment of what he needed. He had learned screen-printing using  lessons on YouTube. Now in “business” for himself he realized he needed a hands on class, mentors with  experience, and … Continue reading

Events, Conferences,Workshops, Seminars, Classes, Demos, RoundTables, Hackathons and Pitch Competitions all part of the Business Environment

We realize we need to add Learning as well as Research and  Development to the space we are Planning. So we’re asking  what you’s like to learn  or teach! The Tuberiam (our name for our spaces) will not be like  my Mamma’s Workshop… except they actually  are! My  mom worked in what would be described as a  coworking space, … Continue reading

Embracing The BS Towards Change

Someone asked me … What if I don’t Like the program… My Response The one thing I can  guarantee is  that at some point you will not  like what I have to say! Such is the nature of change, so understand that we expect  participants to have an  open mind and experiment and EXECUTE!  www.Bonniesandy.com/occupyfashion Fashioning … Continue reading