Color Palettes Palette, Pattern, Print

Color- Palette, Pattern, Print is an Intro to design utilizing social media tools and resources.  it is one of a series of “How To’s” I conduct  and currently in the process of adapting for online presentations. Add your name to the newsletter signup  (at right)  for details on next session. Social channels today provide us … Continue reading

Natural Styles

One of the key  factors in product development is the importance of a color and a color tools but how does one develop an independent voice while staying within the  trend spectrum. The color,  surface and textile sourcing shows hits New York. Many  attend but  it’s not always an option… in  our workshops we show … Continue reading

History of Fashion – Via Books

Need Some Inspiration then check out the catalogs we’ve collected… Starting with Eaton’s of Canada! More Inspiration listed under the Studio tab!  Fashion books Eaton’s Fall and Winter Catalogue 1920-21 Eatons’ spring and summer catalogue.1917 Eaton’s Spring and Summer Catalogue 1916 Eaton’s Fall and Winter Catalogue 1913-14 Eaton’s of Canada 1913 Eaton’s Fall and Winter … Continue reading

Social Style™ Project is a CLASS IN CONTEXT™

Social Style™ is a CLASS IN CONTEXT™ aimed at getting  the maker, the technologist and the consumer on the same page! it is about using the technology as well as understanding the traditional skill of references in this case in Fashion shopping (or voyeurism) Finally tired of seeing the “does this fit me” post, and replies … Continue reading

Social Commerce Embracing Social Style;- part 1

Note the “attempt” The challenge was not the technology… the challenge was and will be getting independent makers truly independent! Many have fogotten the end goal “selling their product to  customers” and are caught in the adrenaline they encounter on “the  route to achieving that goal”… seeking press and putting on fashion shows! In part … Continue reading

Sample Product Listing Guide

Information should be included  that would inform, a potential  buyer on the product. IF not in the posting on the social network, then on the product page of your site (recommended) . Choose an e-commerce or blog system, system that allows multiple images- above is a simulation of gallery system with feature image! The following is … Continue reading