She Speaks Tech- The diary of a Black {woman} In Technology

I don’t turn water into wine… (not in the miraculous Biblical sense “Christians” crave. If you want me to change water into wine… you’ll need to bring mature fruit add a fermenting agent , flavor it with great extracts, wait for the process to work and then take the responsibility of letting the poisonous gasses … Continue reading

Bonnis Sandy to speak on Challenging the Divide

Bonnie Sandy, Creative Industries Advocate to Present at Microsoft for BDPA New York Chapter

I’m Speaking June 20th 2013  Bonnie Sandy, Creative Industries Advocate to Present at Microsoft for BDPA New York Chapter – “Challenging the Divide, Perceptions, Stereotypes, Myths, Misconceptions and Realities as to the “lack of minority-owned businesses in today’s tech sector!” BDPA New York announced today that Bonnie Sandy, Creative Industries Advocate, will provide critical technology … Continue reading

3D Printing The Future and Brooklyn Style – Recap

Watch live streaming video from internetsocietychapters at 3D printed houses, potholes filled with a “3D printed carpet”, The construction sector becomes more white collar self cleaning architecture! The Future of 3D printing! I missed this event, While I had a conflict the truth is I was simply exhausted! Fashion Tech for all purposes is … Continue reading

Events, Conferences,Workshops, Seminars, Classes, Demos, RoundTables, Hackathons and Pitch Competitions all part of the Business Environment

We realize we need to add Learning as well as Research and  Development to the space we are Planning. So we’re asking  what you’s like to learn  or teach! The Tuberiam (our name for our spaces) will not be like  my Mamma’s Workshop… except they actually  are! My  mom worked in what would be described as a  coworking space, … Continue reading

What’s The difference between a Small Business and a Startup

Steve Blank answers the question, “What’s the difference between a startup and a small business!” Or check a Google search I like this explanation on Bingd best “both are exactly the same, except how the owner thinks about their business. A small business owner is focused on doing it tough for a number of years … Continue reading

Occupy Fashion and helping others explore career options

above is a slide show of Pieces By  Natacha Jospitre…  for a line she conceived and desigend Gizelle NY. It takes a lot  to  start a fashion line… but we can help designers occupy their vision… we’ve don  it repeatedly.  Out  of the door Tacha  knew her ideas were solid as boutique owners offered to … Continue reading

Who Do we Trust For Our Fashion Tech and Industry News!

That their PR release screamed “the world’s first shoppable Video” is understandable Social PR is about  SCREAMING! Well at least  so it  seems. That almost every  Tech  and fashion Blog  posted it without questioning  it is cause for concerns  in fact Racked was the only site that  went without the hype! Are they? www.Klickable.Tv have … Continue reading

Evangelizing Technology

I get Mom & Pop Businesses not  just  using  but  hooked on technology! Private one or one sessions , group presentations even  a local  event  specifically designed to get  more Blacks into technology… Black Jelly  Listen to this Post