Bonnie Sandy is Helping Global Creatives With New Technology & Exploring Strategies That Take New Tech Enabled Local Cottage type Businesses Global

When we launched 28squared in 2009 We specifically targeted expanding  the businesses of creative entrepreneurs from around the globe  we reached out to  local designers across the globe and Queen  Esther of Kuumba designs was one who volunteered to be a part of the exploration. In 2003 I officially began  exploring  creative entrepreneurship in 2006. I’ve … Continue reading

Moving to a membership model- Lifetime for $5.00 till 9-22-13

[portfolio_slideshow] is  moving to a paid membership model. Great content  is not free.  A site membership would mean vested constituents who can shape what they desire and need. This would enable me to invest  in new forms of content, research, editing, new images (I do not use stock images) while creating programing  for both … Continue reading

Bridging the divide

A bridge is being  built in Brooklyn… Since  first reading the account that chronicles the building of the Brooklyn Bridge , the use of caissons has remained with me  and always comes to mind when I’m considering the building of tech solutions that affect  local communities. many  are focused on the grandeur that is the  bridge but  what … Continue reading

She Speaks Tech- The diary of a Black {woman} In Technology

I don’t turn water into wine… (not in the miraculous Biblical sense “Christians” crave. If you want me to change water into wine… you’ll need to bring mature fruit add a fermenting agent , flavor it with great extracts, wait for the process to work and then take the responsibility of letting the poisonous gasses … Continue reading

Fashion Design and the Contextual web

In the image is a sketch of a lace bias cut top rendered in black lace over white! Next to it various body types.  If I’m dealing directly in the store it is easy to gauge the customer and even fit the garment. I can observe coloring and select the best choices. My goal is … Continue reading

MOOCs – Raising the Question- “Is Value Always Tied To Purpose or Profit Lines?”!

If you were called a “Moocs ” when I was growing up it  meant you were deliberately  Not Brilliant! Today the world over MOOCs are massive open online courses,  given by top  universities. I  still prefer OCW open coursewear… but hey! You’ll find an extensive list of Mooc’s in this post  to which we’d add edX which we picked up in this You … Continue reading

Does Your Web Site Design- Work For You

Take a look At I’ve been completely redesigning It to answer teh question- What  do I need from a Website? What would the Boutique translate to online! It’s the question one of our concepts startup at seeks to answer! So I took to   looking not  just at  existing solutions but also whats is needed … Continue reading

Social Commerce – Sample of Shoppable Media- Image

One of the thinks I do is develop procedures for” what  can be” using new or emerging media. ” Shoppable Media” really is clickable media that directs to the sell through or e-commerce enabled page! Don’t see how?  follow the directions in the image. In designing new procedures, we usually test “ideas”  of how to use … Continue reading